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Game shows make the best fitness games

To keep with the theme of fitness games we have been producing lately, today’s blog and email is all about TV game shows. We have converted a number of top rating TV shows from around the world into fun fast paced team fitness challenges. All these games have been created with the resources in PDF form ready to print and […]

Combining Literacy & Fitness

Last week I posted about the different ways I have been using fitness to engage students in my numeracy lessons. This week I am going to expand on that and talk about the different resources I have been using to assist with my literacy fitness sessions. I have found with the students I teach and most students in fact, if […]

Numeracy and fitness together

Numeracy and fitness together Over the past few months I have been trialing a number of numeracy and literacy games that can be modified to encourage movement and fitness. You will all remember last week when I completed Yahtzee fitness, well this week I have another new one for you all. Dice cricket is a great numeracy activity that works […]

Are You Feeling Inspired?

Approximately three and a half years ago I had just created my first mobile app, ClassBreak. It was just an idea that I believed would inspire teachers, students and parents. This ended up been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since then I have created another 34 mobile apps for both IOS and Android devices. Working full […]

Creating Positive Energy With Your Students

I am a big believer in positive energy, and starting each class the right way. Energy is infectious and if you start each session with a fun and engaging game or activity the students will respond and get involved. Each day I start my class with an activity that gets them energised, motivated and interacting with each other. Check out five […]

Must Have Apps for Supply Teachers

ClassBreak Class Break features over 200 different activities and games that are outside the traditional PE class games of kickball and volleyball. It also features team building exercises, brainteasers, and more. In addition, it works well time in a traditional classroom. Teachers will find that it is ideal for students who are having trouble staying awake during a boring assignment. […]

BrainBreak Board Game

BrainBreaks have been a huge part of my teaching over the past couple of years. I have found them to be great engagement drivers with students of all ages. I am very happy with the BrainBreak app and eBook I created, however as always, I have been thinking of something new. Board games have always been a favourite of mine, […]

Top Fitness Games and Activities

Inside this amazing resource are six fitness games I currently use in boot camp sessions and with my students in PE classes. I have designed each activity to achieve maximum participation and enjoyment for all involved. Since I have started using fitness games and challenges in my personal training boot camps session numbers have increased dramatically. The reason for this […]

Top Icebreaker Activities Part Six

Icebreaker activities are used to welcome and warm up the conversation among students in a new class, meeting or new situation. Any event that requires students to comfortably interact with each other and a teacher is an opportunity to use an icebreaker to help students feel more comfortable. An effective icebreaker will warm up the conversation in your class or […]

Top Outdoor Games For Children Part Five

The use of outdoor games for students is a great way to improve a number of mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits. Games also contribute a great deal to social development. Many students, because of problems at home, shyness or physical disability find it hard to react with others. Some adults can’t […]