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Boot Camp for Casual Relief Teachers

As a casual relief teacher it is extremely important to have a number of different activities, resources and lesson ideas on hand for all ages. During my time as a CRT I collected a number of activities that engaged students of all ages. I found that each day, I would start off with a five to ten minute icebreaker activity; […]

Numeracy Lesson Starters Part Three

Here is a list of the top five numeracy lesson starters for teachers and parents to use with children. This is the third instalment of numeracy lesson starters on my blog. These activities and games require minimal equipment and are extremely fun and easy to play. The games can be used at the start, middle or end of a lesson. The students will often learn […]

Classroom Anxiety and Stress

Teachers often have students in their classroom who appear anxious throughout the school day. No teacher, parent or student for that matter wants to experience those anxious moments. Today students have the added social stress of technology. Not only through social media, they have the ever increasing choice of games, apps etc. By providing the appropriate tools needed to reduce […]

Top Outdoor Games For Children Part Three

The use of outdoor games for students is a great way to improve a number of mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits. Games also contribute a great deal to social development. Many students, because of problems at home, shyness or physical disability find it hard to react with others. Some adults can’t […]

Posture Exercises for Students Part Two

Movements that will improve the students’ body control and ability to keep on task and be productive throughout the day. One thing we have found is that students these days have extremely poor posture; this can be caused by a number of different things. By using posture exercises daily, you will educate your class on the importance of correct posture. […]

Top Icebreaker Activities Part Two

Icebreaker activities are used to welcome and warm up the conversation among students in a new class, meeting or new situation. Any event that requires students to comfortably interact with each other and a teacher is an opportunity to use an icebreaker to help students feel more comfortable. An effective icebreaker will warm up the conversation in your class or […]

It’s Time To Change

As educators I feel we are role models with the students we teach. We have a responsibility to educate and change a very unhealthy trend that young Australians and other students around the world are facing. A recent figure in Australia has been released that we have the highest rate of children using some form of technology device daily for […]

Breathing Activities for Children Part Two

Designed for relaxing students before or after a test, or if they have just come in from outside and are in need of refocusing before starting their next learning activity. The breathing activities have been designed to help and improve students’ focus in all areas of the schooling day. Hissing Get the students to breathe in through their nose, long […]

Fantastic Free Lesson Starter

In today’s class I allocated half an hour for a fun free task. We have been studying fitness programs and creating six week gym programs this term. I thought it would be fun to get students to create their own ‘personal training’ logos. These logos can then be used on all the work they create for these units. I also thought […]

Class Stretching Movements for Children Part Two

Stretches that the students can do to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If students are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work, take them through some of these stretches to get them focused and engaged in the upcoming tasks. Hamstring Stretch Students need to sit down on […]