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Top 5 Positive Action Activities

These activities teach the positive actions for physical, intellectual, social and emotional areas of self. They help empower students to make positive choices and achieve goals in and out of the school classroom.  If your class is struggling in certain areas, or their attitudes are not where you would like them to be, use one of the positive action activities […]

Five More Amazing Minor Games

After my previous post i have received great feedback about the minor games i offered. So here are another five that i love to use with my students. Minor games require little, if any, equipment and can be played almost anywhere. Players need a variety of skills and little prior knowledge. These games have been designed to engage and challenge students of all […]

Top Quiet Debrief & Reflection Activities

Debriefing and reflecting on an experience is an opportunity to identify what students have learned about themselves and others. The technique of debriefing is extremely beneficial for students following the completion of a lesson. A structured reflection helps students to: • Think about what they accomplished and learned during a lesson • Consider ways that the experience could be adjusted […]

Five More Tag Games

Tag games can be used in a number of different situations. They are great for warming up a class outside, or if you have a spare 20 minutes at the end of the day they work perfectly in these situations. The five games listed in this blog require minimal equipment and are extremely easy to set up. The students will […]

Top 5 Outdoor Games

The use of outdoor games for students is a great way to improve a number of mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits. Games have a far greater educational influence than most people are aware of. Games also contribute a great deal to social development. Many students, because of problems at home, shyness or […]

Top 5 Posture Exercises

The following five posture movements will improve the students’ body control and ability to keep on task and be productive throughout the day. One thing I have found is that students these days have extremely poor posture; this can be caused by a number of different things. By using posture exercises daily, you will educate your class on the importance […]

Reporting and Note Taking App for Teachers & Parents

This is a relatively small entry compared to usual, but that does not take away from the power that the following apps have for teachers. The following list has been placed together simply for teachers to be able to save time and be more efficient with their time. All the note-taking apps are amazing and allow teachers to constantly be […]

Top 5 Bus Activities

The following games have two very powerful reasons why you need to include them with your resources. Number one is they will make school excursions and camp bus trips enjoyable. These activities will create a fun and happy atmosphere on the bus which is exactly what we strive to achieve. Secondly, when your student’s head off on their school holidays, […]

Maths and Science Apps for Teachers & Parents

The following twelve apps barely touch the surface of amazing resources for these two subjects. I have tried my best to review some apps that teachers and parents may never have heard of. I have also included some crowd favorites that you simply cannot overlook as quality maths and science resources. If other teachers out there use different apps that […]

Top 5 Stretching Activities

The following five stretching education breaks have huge potential for teachers and parents to use with their children. Children will be able to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If children are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work, take them through some of these stretches to get […]