In today’s class I allocated half an hour for a fun free task. We have been studying fitness programs and creating six week gym programs this term. I thought it would be fun to get students to create their own ‘personal training’ logos. These logos can then be used on all the work they create for these units. I also thought it might motivate some of my students to see the potential of becoming a personal trainer in the future.

Here is the simple process my student’s followed

  1. Click on the following link – Click here
  2. Sign up using a personal email account or school email.
  3. Research on Google images a sample logo that you like.
  4. Once you have found a logo simply save this to your computer.
  5. Now go back into the Swiftly page that you have open. (the one you have just created the free job with.)
  6. Simply upload the logo you have saved to your computer that you found on Google images. Explain the changes you would like to make to the logo to suit the individual student. For example change the name to ‘Dale Sidebottom Personal Training’ or ‘Dales Boot Camps’. Make sure that the students explain this clearly in the description on Swiftly. If they would like different colours on the logo or any changes, state them in this section as well.
  7. Once this is completed, click create down the bottom of the page. A graphic designer at Swiftly will have the new logo completed in under one hour.
  8. Once students are happy with their new logo, simply save this to their computer for future use.

Here are some examples of logos that students in my class had created.

Fletchers01 jesses fitness (1)Jason_Logo

The best thing about this task is, its free and takes under an hour for an amazing logo that your students will be able to use in the future.