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100 Dic


Get students to write in their book the following rules. A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on for the rest of the alphabet. Z=26.
The challenge for students is to find a word where the letters add up to 100.

Animal Pairing Game

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This can be used as an icebreaker activity with a new group of students, or if you want to organise pairs in your class. Cut out the following pairs of animals for this activity. Hand them out randomly to each class member. Once they have the cards Students are not allowed to talk. They must make the noise or action of their animal to find their matching partner. This is a great way to form partners or by using more animals, you can form group sizes as large as you like. Such a fun activity for all ages.


Warm Up & PE Activities eBook

36 exciting new warm up activities designed for Physical Education Teachers. These are the perfect way to start a class. Check them out today.


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This challenge has been designed as a guide for teachers and students about the benefits of using three short education breaks at different times of the day to gain outstanding results for students.


Top Five Education Break eBook

This eBook contains over one hundred top quality resources, that have been designed to help teachers plan lessons for students of all ages.


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Amazing resource designed using comic life. This eBook contains 64 icebreaker and team building activities that are must have activities for all teachers.



Teachers with a love of technology and passion for nurturing the minds of their students can easily discover creative ways to incorporate 101 Apps for Teachers into their classrooms.



The Ultimate Teachers’ Guide has been put together to help teachers with games, activities and different resources to challenge and engage their students.



Whether you are a PE teacher, classroom teacher, supply teacher or coach of a sporting team, this book will have something for you. With over 150 different games and activities, you will be able to find something..



BrainBreak has been designed with exercises to help students and teachers take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and empowered to learn.



Literacy Break is full of literacy games, activities and riddles for teachers to use in their lessons. With over 80 different activities, there will be a game, riddle or activity to help you at any time during..