Teachers who have just completed my five-day app boot camp for classroom teachers should now look to complete this ten-day course. The idea being that now you have gained a good understanding of certain apps, this boot camp goes into more detail regarding specific subjects and key areas teachers can use apps to improve on.

Teachers with a love of technology and passion for nurturing the minds of their students can easily discover creative ways to incorporate mobile apps into their daily routines. This ten-day app boot camp has been designed to give teachers a better understanding of certain apps, and how they can have huge benefits on their teaching. Each day I will review and talk about my top three must-have apps from the following categories:

* Planning and Assessment Applications

* Social Media Applications

* Maths and Science Applications

* Literacy Applications

* Health, Fitness and Interactive Game Applications

* Reporting and Note Taking Applications

* Storage, Time Management and Reflection Applications

* Video and Book Applications

* Attendance and Classroom Management Applications

* Fun and Useful Applications

The boot camp has been designed to allow busy teachers easy access to knowledge and summaries of different applications to assist them in different areas applicable to their classroom learning environment.  This valuable resource is split into 10 different categories, allowing teachers to source the app needed without having to waste time trialing loads of applications.  Not only will this save you money from purchasing incorrect apps, your time is used more productively due to resourcing the correct apps to boost learning and enhance classroom learning.

These apps are also a great tool for educators to test their own proficiency in the fields they teach to help build knowledge within areas that they need a quick boost. Some of the apps I talk about will be household names, but there will also be a number of new and interesting apps that teachers will enjoy exploring.

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