Until the last couple of years, making the roll and keeping notes on students behavior has been a timely and messy job. That has all changed thanks to some amazing apps that have been created. Two educators that I personally know have been doing some amazing things. Jarrod Robinson and Mal Hamada are responsible for Easy Attendance and Red Hawk Attendance respectively. Both apps are amazing and are suited for everyone from PE teachers right through to the classroom teachers. Do yourself a favor and check out both these apps as well as the other amazing apps on this list. One of my favorites is the Too Noisy app. I love using this when I am outside with my class to see how loud they are and how much noise they can generate together. Get loud and give it a yell!

Easy Attendance

Easy Attendance can be purchased for $1.99 and is designed to meet all your record keeping needs.  It enables you to import your class roll from a csv file or enter them manually.  It can be used to create numerous reports related to attendance including daily attendance, semester reports, and summary reports for each student.  It also gives you a place to keep all of a student’s information from parent names to email address.  Teachers will like that it also offers you the opportunity to add your own notes regarding a student.  It is a fantastic way for recording progress or any other pertinent information.  Finally, it allows you to email your reports and notes to parents and colleagues.

Easy Attendance App

Red Hawk Attendance

RedHawk Attendance can be purchased for $4.99.  It allows you to import class rosters or enter them manually.  Templates are included to make this app very user friendly.  It allows you to keep track of attendance and share your lists with other teachers, coaches, principals, and more.  Teachers will find that it is ideal for substitute teachers to track students.  Be aware, though, that it is password protected so you will need to provide it.  Finally, it allows teachers to create a student profile for every student including a photo, medical alerts, other pertinent information, and customisable fields for your specific needs.

Red Hawk Attendance App


ClassDojo is a free app that has completely changed how teachers manage behaviours in their classrooms.  It allows for quick and effective behaviour monitoring.  Each child’s name and avatar is entered into the system.  The app allows teachers to record both positive and negative behaviours.  There are present categories including on task, helping others, no homework, and unprepared among others.  You have the ability to add additional categories at your discretion.  Teachers simply click the boxes that apply to each student.  In addition, teachers will like the fact that it gives you a quick summary of each student’s behaviour to refer to as needed.  Finally, it prepares a report on a pie graph that is sent out to children’s parent on Fridays detailing their child’s weekly behaviour.

ClassDojo App

Super Duper Data Tracker

Super Duper Data Tracker can be purchased for $1.99 and is an effective way of monitoring an individual student’s behaviour as well as progress toward academic goals.  It also gives you the opportunity to group students together if that is your preference.  It allows you to set how you want to measure their goals and it performs the calculations for you.  Results can be shown in graph form for easier tracking if you choose.  Teachers will like that they have the ability to send the results in an email form to parents.  This is a great way of keeping them up to date on their child’s progress without having to schedule meetings or play phone tag.

Super Duper Data Tracker App


Teacher Kit is a free app, but you will have to pay $1.99 in order to generate reports.  It allows you to track each student’s attendance, behaviour, grades, and more all in one app.  You can choose to see a breakdown of class or individual student’s performance. Reports can be printed for an entire class or got each individual student.  Teachers will like that the reports generated include everything that needs to be discussed during parent/ teacher conferences.  This is a huge timesaver.

TeacherKit App

Smart Seat

Smart Seat can be purchased for $4.99 and replaces a traditional seating chart.  Teachers can design the seating chart based on the layout of their classroom.  It is a simple way to keep track of attendance.  The seating chart and attendance record can be emailed or printed out.  Teachers will find that it is much easier to change than the conventional piece of paper.  Also, it has a feature that will create a random seating chart in a matter of seconds.  This is a great way to choose partners for class projects or for use in classroom games.

Smart Seat App

Too Noisy

Too Noisy Pro costs $2.99 and is intended to monitor noise levels in the classroom.  It allows teachers to choose the acceptable level of noise. The app features a colourful background with a smiley face.  However, as the noise level increases it changes until it becomes a crying face with its ears plugged.  When the noise level is unacceptable an alarm will sound alerting the class to become quieter.  It has a counter feature to keep track of how many times the alarm has gone off.  Teachers will enjoy the fact that they can easily change the acceptable level of noise depending on what activity is taking place such as silent reading or free time.

Too Noisy App