Exercises that will improve balance, coordination and overall focus in the classroom. We have found that if students can improve their balance and coordination, it has a flow-on effect to their schooling. They instantly become more confident and have an improved attitude, which is what all teachers like to hear.


Standing Kick

Students move their right leg forwards and backwards as if kicking a ball. Students then repeat the kick with their left leg. Students should try to perform five kicks on each leg, without putting the kicking leg down for support.  This is a great movement to work on balance and coordination. For a challenge get students to try the kicks with their eyes closed.

One-leg balances

Students place a finger on their bellybutton and a finger from their other hand at the base of their sternum. Students will increase the distance between these fingers by standing tall and lengthening their spine. Students raise one foot off the ground while maintaining the distance between their fingers, and try to keep their hips horizontally aligned. Students hold this for a few seconds until their balance is steady and then swap feet. For a challenge get the students to close their eyes and perform the balance.

Pat on the Back 

Students start by standing and using alternative hands to pat themselves on their back. Start with right arm reaching around the front of their body and patting their left shoulder blade. Then with their left arm do the same to their right shoulder blade. Students perform this for 30 seconds.

Tomato Picking 

Students stand with their feet at shoulder width apart. Students then bend to their left and pretend to pull something past their left foot with their right hand. Once they have picked the tomato the students stand back up. They then bend to their right and pretend to pull a tomato with their left hand. Students can pick ten tomatoes on each side.

Supermarket Express 

Students need to pretend to steer a shopping trolley and reach to their left with their right hand and take something off the shelf and put it in their trolley. Students then reach with their left hand to their right and put something in the trolley. Tell students that the items they are taking are on the bottom shelf and the top shelves, so they have to use different muscles to reach them.