The five-day app boot camp for classroom teachers is a must-read if you have an iPad or iPhone. Each day I will introduce three different apps to you that will assist in different areas of your daily teaching. They will improve the quality of your lessons and they will allow you to save time with the amazing features they contain. Each day I will provide readers with one app from the following three categories:

Professional development and teacher learning

These are apps that teachers will use to learn to monitor and engage on different forms of professional development. Apps these days are so amazing that we use them in constantly learning and challenging our teaching practices. The use of the apps in this category will give teachers a number of different ways to interact with other teachers, search for lesson plans, teach ideas and more. Apps allow us to learn 24/7.

Classroom management and lesson planning

These apps will allow you to save time and become more effective with your teaching. The apps in this section have been selected as they are some of the best apps on the market. I have tried to give a broad range of powerful classroom management and planning applications.

Student engagement as a class

The apps in this section are some of my favourite. These are apps that you can use with the class as an education break or a reward. The apps allow the class to participate in challenges and activity team play. Read below about projecting these apps onto your whiteboard for the best effect. I would recommend using these apps to start the day off, to get students focused or engaged, or as a fun treat/competition with your students at the end of the day.

I’m sure most teachers will already have some of the apps, but some they will not have heard of and I definitely recommend that they give them a try as thousands of teachers around the world are using all these apps daily and achieving amazing results. In your class if you are lucky enough to have more than one iPad for the class then you will really enjoy the ‘student interaction’ apps. This boot camp has been designed, though, with the idea that the teacher is the only person in the classroom with an iPad. Hopefully the following apps will help you set up your iPad, or add a few extra amazing apps to your already impressive collection.

In the student engagement section these apps work best if the teacher can mirror the image on their iPad screen through the electronic whiteboard. The best two ways to do this are:

Apple TV – This is an amazing device. The apple TV uses the school’s Wi-Fi to mirror the exact image that is on your device onto the whiteboard. The best thing about the apple TV is that you can move around the room with the iPad, as it wirelessly connected. You can purchase an Apple TV for around $100.

VGA Cable – This is the cheaper option, which allows you to plug the projector into your iPad and mirror your screen on the whiteboard. The only negative about this is you have to keep the iPad in the one place and cannot move around the room. The positive is it works great and is a fraction of the price. Click on the link below to find one to suit your device.!

Projecting your iPad screen on the whiteboard is a great way to show students photos and videos you have taken of them during the lesson, or to show them examples of upcoming work. The students will really enjoy watching themselves on the large screen after you have completed a project or topic. Enjoy the five-day iPad boot camp; if you have any questions please email me at or on twitter @DaleSidebottom.


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