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How much time do you waste?

Do you ask yourself on a daily basis how can I make my time more efficient and increase my productivity? When people are efficient they are happier. Every week I would spend approximately 10 hours on class  preparation. This was crazy, I knew I had to look at implementing strategies to reduce this preparation time. An idea came to me […]

Introducing Learning with Games

Have you ever been so excited that’s it’s hard to sleep. Like when you were a kid on Christmas eve, waiting for Santa to drop off a truck load of presents for you to open the next day. Or on your birthday, while everyone is singing you happy birthday and all you want to do is blow out the candles […]

The best finishing drill ever

I’m not sure where I found this finishing activity, I know that I didn’t make it up and I’m not trying to take credit for it at all. But it is simple, takes minimal time and is very very challenging to everyone who attempts it. This has not been added to our Members Zone as we did not create it […]

How many board games can you name?

Last week I was putting together a list of board games that I love and have played over the years. I had a pretty solid list, and this got me thinking. Besides the stock standard family favourites, what are some of the less known board games that you absolutely love? Here are a few of the ones that I came […]

Sport and fitness combined

My two biggest loves in the world would have to be fitness and sport. I know what you are thinking, that they are both just about the same. In fact they are so similar it’s not funny. The only difference is that most people think that fitness is going to the gym, a spin class or attending a bootcamp session […]

Fitness Testing

Over the years I have tried, tested and witnessed a number of different fitness tests. I feel that the more I try different tests and the more I read about them, the more confused I become. One of the big questions I get asked is; what are the best fitness tests to do? My answer is pretty simple; the appropriate […]

Two Day 50% Sale

Today you are in for a treat! One of my top selling apps is half price, that’s right half price. The ‘PE Shake’ consists of over 100 fun and easy to use warm up games. These games are perfect to use in PE classes or bootcamp sessions. The best part of the app is that you simply shake your device […]

Members Zone is live….

    After six months of planning and hard work we are finally live. Our Members Zone section is ready for you to access. As I have stated previously, inside you will find over 350 different fitness games, lesson ideas and activities. All are in PDF format, ready to print and use. The 14 different fitness/exercise categories mean that you […]

Pokémon Go Fitness Game

The latest app ‘Pokémon Go’ has blown the iTunes charts apart. The concept is amazing as it gets people active and moving while using a mobile device. I love the idea of making people move, walk, run and get active while simply playing a game on their device. Due to the popular demand and the sheer volume of people playing […]

FitBreak Has Arrived

After six long months of planning and development we are very excited to announce that FitBreak is live on iTunes. I have a special promotion for our blog readers only. For the next five days, if you purchase FitBreak at the reduced rate of $2.99 and leave a review on the app store then you can choose two hard copy resources […]