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Class Stretching Movements for Children Part Two

Stretches that the students can do to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If students are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work, take them through some of these stretches to get them focused and engaged in the upcoming tasks. Hamstring Stretch Students need to sit down on […]

Balance and Coordination Exercises for Children Part Two

Exercises that will improve balance, coordination and overall focus in the classroom. We have found that if students can improve their balance and coordination, it has a flow-on effect to their schooling. They instantly become more confident and have an improved attitude, which is what all teachers like to hear. Standing Kick Students move their right leg forwards and backwards […]

True and False Games

True and false games can be used for revision of a topic, to introduce a new topic, or to have a fun game with some general questions. The twelve different types of games are listed below, and can help you in any situation of the schooling day. There is a game that will fit any situation you may come across. […]

Numeracy Lesson Starters Part Two

Here is a list of the top five numeracy lesson starters for teachers and parents to use with children. This is the second instalment of numeracy lesson starters on my blog. These activities and games require minimal equipment and are extremely fun and easy to play. The games can be used at the start, middle or end of a lesson. The students will often learn more […]

Class Questionnaires for Students

The class questionnaire questions are a great tool to get to know a new class, to find out information about your students. These questions can be read out to the class and they write their answers on loose-leaf paper. They can be a great teaching tool for students to learn new things about their fellow class members and will get […]

Top Team-building Activities Part Two

Here is the list of my top team building activities, part two. Team-building activities give students a chance to learn personal information about each other. Students are then able to establish a certain amount of rapport and are more tolerant of each other. This creates a situation in which students are willing to work through situations in a more amicable way. When […]

Top Outdoor Games Part Two

The use of outdoor games for students is a great way to improve a number of mental and physical skills, and often bring with them a lot of significant benefits. Games also contribute a great deal to social development. Many students, because of problems at home, shyness or physical disability find it hard to react with others. Some adults can’t […]

App Up My Life

Over the past six years of my teaching career I have slowly started using more and more apps each day. The reason for this is that developers have created some of the most amazing resources possible, that make my job as an educator extremely enjoyable. In this post I am going to discuss all the apps that I use on […]

Twelve Must Have eBook’s

Once in a lifetime sale for all teachers. For a limited time only I am selling twelve of my best selling books for the crazy price of $9.99. That’s right twelve eBook’s for $9.99, when they retail together for well over $90. All the books will be in PDF form, which means they are the perfect resources to print and […]

Times Table Tricks

These are tricks and skills to help students master learning their times tables. Teachers can use these when learning certain groups of times tables as a class. These tricks will make teaching the harder times tables easier. Ones When multiplying by 1, the number of the other multiple is the answer. For example, 1×5=5. 1×9=9. Twos When you multiply a […]