BrainBreaks have been a huge part of my teaching over the past couple of years. I have found them to be great engagement drivers with students of all ages. I am very happy with the BrainBreak app and eBook I created, however as always, I have been thinking of something new. Board games have always been a favourite of mine, this has lead me to my next big idea. A board game that is all about BrainBreaks, that teachers can use with their students each day. Surely this is something that will assist teachers all around the world. So after two months of planning and creating, I am pleased to have finished my latest product. Read below for the instructions and format of the game.

It’s time to travel around the classroom and discover new BrainBreaks. The aim is to visit as many BrainBreak stations as possible, either with your team or individually. The stations will engage, energise and activate student’s minds ready to focus on learning in the classroom. An active mind is a productive mind, and that’s what the BrainBreak Board Game aims to achieve with students.

Set up in a square or large circle. Teams will use the dice to roll and move around the BrainBreak board. Each team or individual must complete the activity they land on, before moving on. If you land on Activate Lucky Dip Card, do as the card instructs and move on.

Teachers already have everything they need to start playing, in the classroom. Simply print out the resources and laminate them, then grab a six sided dice and you’re ready to play the most engaging board game ever. Make this your first Christmas present to your students, at only $4.99 don’t miss this bargain.

BrainBreak Board Game Cover