Last week I posted about the different ways I have been using fitness to engage students in my numeracy lessons. This week I am going to expand on that and talk about the different resources I have been using to assist with my literacy fitness sessions.

I have found with the students I teach and most students in fact, if you can create a game or challenging environment where students have to work together to solve problems, they are more engaged then traditional lessons. By making these challenges into fitness games, I have also seen a positive trend in the health and fitness of the students.

The best thing about these games and challenges is that you can give them to students to take home and play as homework with their families. This is a great way to get them active and engaged outside of the classroom.

Below you will see a list of traditional literacy games that I have converted into fitness based versions. These new fitness based games have had outstanding outcomes for my students and have created a positive classroom environment. Some of the winners I have used with my students are:

  • Word Search Fitness
  • ABC Fitness
  • Hangman Fitness
  • Words with Friends Fitness

Click on this link to see the full range of all our fitness games –

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Word Search Fitness –

Hopefully these resources are helping to promote a healthy and active lifestyle with your students, while still gaining the educational benefits of literacy and numeracy. Cheers Dale