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Resources designed for teachers by teachers.
A new way to teach and play.

Pokémon Go Fitness Game

FREE for a limited time only.

Individual Fitness Games

1. 12 days of Christmas 2. Alphabet 3. Greedy pig 4. Mobile phone 5. Who wants to be a fitnessaire 6. Add and subtract 7. Buzz fitness 8. Dice roulette 9. Spelling bee 10. Navigation Plus 2 more!

Fitness Board Games

1. Checkers fitness 2. Cluedo fitness 3. Battleships fitness 4. Snakes and ladders fitness 5. Game of Risk fitness 6. Monopoly fitness 7. Yahtzee fitness 8. UNO and 52 pick-up fitness Plus 4 more!

Extreme Fitness Games

1. Survivor fitness 2. Spring carnival fitness 3. Hey hey big roller 4. Lucky 6 fitness 5. Sudoku fitness 6. Deal or no deal fitness 7. Guinness record fitness 8. Memory match up 9. Jeopard plus 3 more!

Team Based Fitness Games

1. Dice cricket 2. Word search 3. Balls gone mad 4. Fitness based warm up activities 5. Lotto 6. Auction hunters’ 7. Family feud 8. Words with friends 9. Hangman 10. Around Melbourne fitness 11. 5k fitness

Literacy Fitness Games

Inside this eBook are ten literacy fitness games: Boogle, Scattergories, Rhyme Battle, Dictionary, Letter Mash, Build a Word, Hangman, Alphabet, Words with Friends, Word Search and a bonus offer of Crossword fitness.

Numeracy Fitness Activities

Our numeracy fitness mothership has finally landed. Inside are 20 amazing numeracy activities that have been turned into fun fitness games. On sale for $19.99 for a limited time only!!

The Ultimate Fitness Games eBook

Inside are 30 of our top selling fitness games. Grab it for $29.99 for the next 48 hours only!!!

Musical Workouts

Check out 17 fun songs, that we have created workout routines to the lyrics and beat of the music.

Fitness Warm Up Activities & Games

The seven games inside this resource are: - Rob the Nest - Dishes & Domes - Stuck in the Mud - Rock Paper Scissors - Cat & Mouse - Duck Duck Goose - Squat & Run Mayhem

Fitness Circuit Sessions

Inside are twelve fantastic circuit sessions that you can use with adults or children. These are perfect for Personal Trainers and Physical Education Teachers.

23 Amazing Boxing Sessions

Inside this eBook are 23 amazing boxing sessions and plans designed to help Personal Trainers and Physical Education teachers plan engaging sessions.

Fitness Dice Games & Workouts

Inside are twelve of the best dice games you will ever come across. These include: Yahtzee Fitness Spring Carnival Racing Dice Cricket Wheel of Fortune And eight more fantastic dice workouts.

BrainBreak Board Game

It’s time to travel around the classroom and discover new BrainBreaks. The aim is to visit as many BrainBreak stations as possible, either with your team or individually.

Blackjack Fitness

Blackjack is a casino favourite, and is now an action packed fitness game. Inside are all the instructions, resources and rules to get you started.

Stretching Movements to Activate Children’s Minds

Stretching activities that the students can do to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If students are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work.

Fitnees Challenges

This eBook has over forty different fitness challenges that you can complete anywhere. Check out some of the amazing exercises Bottoms Up use daily.

Activities and Resources for Classroom Teachers

This is a must have eBook for general classroom and casual relief teachers. Inside are twenty seven fantastic lesson ideas which are suited to all ages. These activities address most curriculum covered in schools.

Meditation Activities for Children

Meditations relieve pressure and tension so students can perform at their peak. It gives the students the chance to dream, and use their imagination. These were created by my mother Karyn when i was a child.

Breathing Activities and Exercises for Children

The fourteen breathing activities have been designed to help improve students’ focus, concentration and reduce anxiety.

12 eBook Super Sale

Twelve amazing eBooks for the low price of $9.99, for a limited time only.

Debrief and Reflection Activities for Teachers

Debriefing and reflecting on an experience is an opportunity to identify what students have learned about themselves and others.

Tag Activities Designed for Physical Education Teachers

34 tag activities which will engage, energise and warm students up ready to start learning new skills. Must have resource for all PE Teachers.

Warm Up Activities for PE Teachers

36 exciting new warm up activities designed for Physical Education Teachers. These are the perfect way to start a class. Check them out today.

Education Break Boot Camp for Teachers

This challenge has been designed as a guide for teachers and students about the benefits of using three short education breaks at different times of the day to gain outstanding results for students.

Top Five Education Breaks

This eBook contains over one hundred top quality resources, that have been designed to help teachers plan lessons for students of all ages.

Icebreaker & Team Building Activities

Amazing resource designed using comic life. This eBook contains 64 icebreaker and team building activities that are must have activities for all teachers.

101 Apps for Teachers

Teachers with a love of technology and passion for nurturing the minds of their students can easily discover creative ways to incorporate 101 Apps for Teachers into their classrooms.

The Ultimate Teachers Guide

The Ultimate Teachers’ Guide has been put together to help teachers with games, activities and different resources to challenge and engage their students.

PE Games

Whether you are a PE teacher, classroom teacher, supply teacher or coach of a sporting team, this book will have something for you. With over 150 different games and activities, you will be able to find something..

Brain Break

BrainBreak has been designed with exercises to help students and teachers take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and empowered to learn.

Literacy Break

Literacy Break is full of literacy games, activities and riddles for teachers to use in their lessons. With over 80 different activities, there will be a game, riddle or activity to help you at any time during..

Math Break

Fantastic resource for teachers and parents. Math Break is full of mathematical games, activities and riddles for teachers and parents to use with children. With over 50 different activities, there will be a game..

Science Break

Science Break has been designed for parents and teachers to use with their children. The book contains 80 fun and easy science experiments that children will love.

Education Breaks

Education Breaks has been created to give teachers, parents and students a better understanding of how they learn. The book is made up of ten short chapters which covers all bases about why education breaks are a must.