This challenge has been designed as a guide for teachers and students about the benefits of using three short education breaks at different times of the day to gain outstanding results. Teachers will be provided with three different education breaks they will use each day. These activities have been carefully designed to suit the time of day to gain the best results to engage and empower students.

The best thing about the week-long challenge is the activities are very easy to play, they will only take up to five to ten minutes each and the benefits will be amazing. Students will feel energised, engaged, have improved self-confidence and develop class unity through the education breaks.

Teachers will conduct the first activity at the start of the day. This will be a brain break exercise that will have students warming up both sides of their brain through fun movements together. The first lesson can normally be slow with students still trying to wake up, so these activities will help the students become alert and ready to learn, resulting in the first lesson being extremely productive.

The second education break will be straight after recess or in the middle of the second session. After recess can sometimes be a time where students are energised and excited, and it can take time for them to settle down and start learning again. Therefore this time will be used to play a game that involves teamwork, communication and cooperation. This enables the students to become more focused, working together to achieve a goal as a class.

The third and final education break for the day will be played straight after lunch. If students come in with lots of energy then I use a breathing or meditation activity that calms them down ready to start learning again. Other times I will use a stretching or movement activity, or I will challenge the class with a brain teaser or riddle to get them ready for the final session of the day. I will make each day different, using a variety of activities, so you can find which activity best suits your class for the third education break of the day.

After this one-week trial teachers can gain more education break resources from my website – If you would like any support or guidance please feel free to email me at

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