Like previous emails and blogs, we have been extremely busy turning any game we have ever played into a fun fitness challenge. Some of the most exciting and enjoyable games we have created are board games. The best part about these fitness board games is that once you set them up, students and clients simply go as hard as they like. All the instructions and resources have been created for you.

Monopoly fitness was the first board game that we ever converted into a full fitness game. This is still my favourite and every time we play it as a class, or at boot camp sessions everyone loves it.

We have taken Cluedo the murder mystery game and turned this into a fast paced fitness mystery. Teams have to complete certain workouts to gain clues to ultimately solve the murder mystery.

Then we have a one of a kind game, called ‘Travel Melbourne fitness’. This is a board game we have created with all the major landmarks in Melbourne. Similar to this we have created ‘BrainBreaks board game’, which we are offering for the next 24 hours for free. I love this game and it is best set up in the classroom. Students simply play for 5 to 10 minutes at the start of the day or after lunch to activate their brains and get ready for learning. It is also a lot of fun and is perfect for students of all ages.

Here are a few more that we have created which you might find very useful and enjoyable to use with your students this week:

Game of Risk

Snakes & Ladders Fitness

12 Days of Fitness Christmas

Mobile Phone Fitness

Bingo Fitness

For the next 24 hours only, grab ‘BrainBreak board game’ for FREE, click here