Inside this amazing resource are six fitness games I currently use in boot camp sessions and with my students in PE classes. I have designed each activity to achieve maximum participation and enjoyment for all involved. Since I have started using fitness games and challenges in my personal training boot camps session numbers have increased dramatically. The reason for this is that everyone loves to challenge themselves individually or in a team environment. Sometimes fitness can become another every day chore, playing games provides a totally different atmosphere for all participants.

Activities inside include:

  • Monopoly Fitness
  • UNO Fitness
  • 52 Pick Up
  • Words With Friends Fitness Challenge
  • Bingo Fitness
  • Blackjack Fitness Game
  • Over 60 other body weight challengers and games

Each fitness game lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, which is perfect as that is the length of all my group fitness boot camp sessions. I have also included a number of bodyweight exercise workouts in this resource that can be used anywhere when you do not have equipment.

Printable resources to play the activities follow instructions for each fitness game and activity. The games require a little bit of planning and setting up, but once you have printed and laminated the resources you will have them forever. As I mentioned above, these games and fitness challenges have had a huge impact on the number of new clients. Give them a go, you will never look back.

As an added extra I have also included another 60 different workouts that require zero equipment. These are perfect to use with students and clients anywhere. This is a must have resource if you are looking for new and exciting ways to engage your students and clients.

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Monopoly Fitness



Word With Friends Fitness


Bingo Cover


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