Over the years I have tried, tested and witnessed a number of different fitness tests. I feel that the more I try different tests and the more I read about them, the more confused I become. One of the big questions I get asked is; what are the best fitness tests to do?

My answer is pretty simple; the appropriate tests are dependant on what you are training for or what you are wanting the results for. In other words, they need to be specific to you and your clients.

If you are simply after some results to measure where your current fitness levels are at, to compare with retesting in 3 months’ time, then I think I have put together the perfect package. For me this test battery needs to be quite simple, easy to run and challenging enough to suit beginner’s right through to advanced athletes.

I think that last point is the most important. When running a fitness test, it needs to be challenging for everyone completing the test. Not so that people can compare results to see who is the fastest, strongest or best in the group, but simply as a means to give everyone a clear indication of where their current fitness levels are at. They can then visit this test in the future and see if they have been making improvements.

As I mentioned before, I have used the beep test, max push ups, sit and reach and other endorsed fitness tests before. These are all good and serve a purpose, but I feel for the best results, you need a high intensity challenge that really engages participants and makes them push their limits.

I have created a 12 minute fitness test that in my opinion, ticks all the boxes. The best part about this test is that you can complete it anywhere. It requires zero equipment and comes with all the instructions. As well as the 12 minute fitness test, I have also created three mini challenges. These are fitness challenges that you need to complete as quickly as possible and record your time. This gives participants a score to beat next time they tackle the tests. I feel this is a great way of showing that your fitness levels are improving. Nothing better than knocking off your original score!

Anyway, today I have released my new fitness testing PDF resource, as well as a fantastic new warm up game called ‘lumberjack fitness’ and a musical workout for ‘Daya – Hide Away’. So this week members, you will be treated to my four specially designed fitness tests that I have tried with clients and students and are all proven winners. On top of that you will also receive ‘lumberjack fitness’ and a cracking musical workout.

In summary, I feel that fitness testing is important. It’s a great way to track progress, or lack of (which then shows that the type of training that you are doing isn’t working). Either way, the 12 minute test and the three challenges are going to be game changing.

Cheers, Dale the fitness testing King

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Here is where you can find each of the new activities on the Members Zone:
Fitness testing – Individual challenges
The jumping lumberjack – Warm up
Daya – Hide away – Musical workout
We hope you love these new activities and games.

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