Tag games can be used in a number of different situations. They are great for warming up a class outside, or if you have a spare 20 minutes at the end of the day they work perfectly in these situations. The five games listed in this blog require minimal equipment and are extremely easy to set up. The students will love the chance to research a tag game themselves, and then take it in turns to teach a new one to the class. This will increase class unity and also improve students’ confidence and organisational skills.

As all of you are aware, there are hundreds of different tag games that teachers use. I have found that by using different tag games with students, they are always learning and therefore are more engaged with new activities. I would love some feedback on these tag games, if they work or if they don’t. Also if teachers have some other tag games that are unique please send them through and I can add them to my teaching app ClassBreak and credit you for the game. Once again if you would like these five tag games as a PDF please email me at dale@breakappz.com

Bridge Tag 

Equipment: Four cones to make a 10m x 10m square and colour bands for taggers

Description: The teacher picks two or three students to be taggers. The rest of the students speed walk while taggers chase and try to tag as many students as possible. When tagged, students stretch arms and form a bridge on the ground with hands and feet. Two tagged students can also work together to form a standing bridge. Bridges rejoin the game after any student crawls or runs under the bridge. Challenge students to free as many bridges as they can. Stop the game every few minutes to change taggers, and to ask students how many “bridges” they went under. Challenge students to try to break personal records so the focus of the game is helping others.


Refrigerator Tag

Equipment: 10 cones and four signs

Description: This is a fun warm-up game the class plays together. The teacher picks four objects that are placed in each corner of the sports hall. The four objects are, ‘Don’t like it’, ‘I love it’, ‘It’s okay’, ‘Never tried it’. Pick a student to be ‘it’ and they stand in the middle and the other students stand on any base they want. The ‘it’ student calls out the name of a food. Students then have to run to the base that best describes how they feel about that food. The ‘it’ students tries to tag a student before they reach their choice in the chosen corner. If a student is tagged they swap positions with the ‘it’ student and the game starts again.


Tantrum Tag

Equipment: Four cones to make a 10m x 10m square and two colour bands

Description: This is a very fun and loud game. If your students have plenty of energy this is a great game for them. You will need to set it up away from classes, as it can be very loud. Two students are given a colour band each; they then become the taggers. Try and change the taggers every minute to give everyone a go. The taggers run around and try and tag students who are not having a tantrum. If a student is having a tantrum (yelling and screaming very loud, which they can only do for three seconds at a time) they cannot be tagged. If a student is tagged when they are not in a tantrum they become a tagger as well. This game is extremely fun, and a great way for the students to release some energy.


Microwave Tag

Equipment: Colour bands for taggers and cones to mark playing area

Description: The game starts with the teacher picking two students to be taggers. Both taggers will be given a colour band each. When the game starts, if one of the two taggers tag another student, that student must begin to ‘melt down like a candle in a microwave’ by lowering themselves to the ground slowly. If another student touches the student melting before they reach the ground they are free to run around again. If they melt all the way to the ground then they become another tagger and put on a colour band. Play continues until only one student is left, who is the winner. The ‘melting down in a microwave’ should last about five seconds. If you are playing with younger students you can make the melting-down time longer so they have more time.


Secrecy Tag

Equipment: Cones to mark out a 10m x 10m playing area

Description: The game starts with all the students lining up in a start line. The teacher then picks three students to come out the front. The teacher picks the three students to be a tagger, a normal player and a doctor. The teacher is the only one who knows which student is playing each role. The teacher then whispers to one student that they are ‘it’, to the second student that they are ‘a normal player’, and to the third, they are ‘the doctor’. The doctor is the only student who can free students that have been tagged by the ‘it’ student. Once the three students have been picked, and they understand what their role is, the teacher then starts the game. After a minute the teacher stops the game and asks the class to identify the ‘it’ student and ‘the doctor’. Then start the game all over, by picking three new students to play the three roles. Secrecy tag can be played by students of all ages.


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