To keep with the theme of fitness games we have been producing lately, today’s blog and email is all about TV game shows. We have converted a number of top rating TV shows from around the world into fun fast paced team fitness challenges.

All these games have been created with the resources in PDF form ready to print and start using with your students or clients. We have found that making games and challenges into fitness sessions is the best way to increase overall involvement and engagement. Then by adding in popular TV shows from around the world you have the perfect recipe to succeed.

Check out from our list, what we have created so far:

We have included an image of how the ‘wheel of fortune’ dice game is played and set up. I’m sure you will find that this is a great activity to use at the start or end of your class/session. The other three games are a lot larger and have more detail. These three large games will last between 30 – 45 minutes.

Click here to access the TV show fitness games Click here

Wheel of Fortune