The following twelve apps are must have apps for coaches, PE teachers and general teachers to engage their students. I have tried to find a good range of different apps that will be beneficial for both teachers and students. As a PE teacher I found this list to be one of the hardest to create, due to the fact that there are some many amazing apps that I constantly use when teaching these days. Hopefully you will find these reviews helpful, and they will have a positive effect in your classes. 

Human Body

Human Body can be purchased for $2.99. It is designed to educate elementary and middle school students on human anatomy.  It features over 200 amazing and colourful illustrations of the body and gives students the opportunity to explore organs, bones, and bodily systems.  It features very little text and is very interactive which students will find entertaining.  Teachers will love that it often piques the interest of students and facilitates classroom discussion.  It does not attempt to teach children all about the body.  Instead, it inspires curiosity by offering students glimpses into the intricate aspects of the human body.  It does come with a 22 page PDF to explain everything about the app to teachers and parents.

Human Body App



Teemo is a free app that is intended to make a boring physical education class more interesting.  It was designed for elementary aged children, but it could also work well for older students.  It allows students or teachers to choose from 10 challenges such as climbing Mount Everest for example and then sends students through a set of exercises to mimic an actual climb.  It features short bursts of different exercises controlled by a timer and provides audio and visual prompts.  It even allows you to play music of your own choosing while exercising.  Teachers will find it interesting and find it adds a new element to PE class.  It is perfect for teaching children to set fitness goals and then work toward them because it is likely they will not be able to complete the entire challenge until they have worked up to it.

Teemo App



Moves is a free app that records and tracks the amount of walking, running, and cycling that a person does on a daily basis.  It also keeps track of the number of calories burned based on the amount of exercise a person does.  PE teachers may find that this is a useful app to use for making students aware of their fitness level.  Students are often amazed at the number of steps they take per day.  It is also a great way to track fitness goals.  For example, if a teacher finds that a student is not getting enough exercise in a daily period, they can challenge them to meet a certain amount.  Later, they can discuss the results with the student.

Moves App



Class Break costs $0.99 and features over 200 different activities and games that are outside the traditional PE class games of kickball and volleyball.  It also features team building exercises, brainteasers, and more.  In addition, it works well time in a traditional classroom.  Teachers will find that it is ideal for students who are having trouble staying awake during a boring assignment.  Simply take 10 minutes and allow students to participate in a few of the brain exercises to increase their focus.  Additionally, many of the physical activities can be done in the classroom, which is ideal for rainy days when recess is cancelled.

ClassBreak App


Coach Notes

Coach Notes can be purchased for $4.99, but it can prove extremely useful in PE classes as well as for coaches of team sports because it eliminates the need for a whiteboard.  There are 60 sports to choose from.  A template will be created that allows you the chance to draw in positions, balls, and plays.  Teachers will also enjoy the fact that it allows you to record videos and notes to yourself that are automatically stored to your device.  You can even make a video of plays and exciting moments for your team, parents, and others to watch. It is user friendly.

Coach Notes App


Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio costs $2.99 and is ideal for teachers who want to incorporate yoga into their classes.  It offers numerous videos to choose from and provides a demonstration of over 300 poses with detailed instructions.  Teachers will like that it is a great resource and also allows you to customize lessons to fit certain levels and period lengths.  It can be projected onto a board to show students different yoga poses whilst allowing the teacher to walk around and make sure everyone is doing them correctly.  This is much easier than trying to demonstrate the poses yourself and monitor every student’s moves.

Yoga Studio App


Fuego’s Adventure

Fuego’s River Adventure can be purchased for $0.99 and brings a whole new element into physical education classes.  This is a video game type app that requires students to move and manipulate their bodies in order to control the game.  Do not be fooled!  It requires serious effort and work to complete the different challenges.  Students are able to advance levels as they complete them. Students will find it fun and entertaining.  Teachers will like that it takes PE class into a whole different direction breaking up the monotony of traditional gym classes.

Fuegoโ€™s Adventure app


Bit Breaker

Bit Breaker is a free app which places students into the middle of an arcade type game.  Physical movements are tracked by your device and send students through a game with the goal of breaking bricks.  Students will be required to move around, steer a paddle, and jump around continuously.  Students will likely find it fun, which teachers will enjoy.  It also incorporates video games (which many students love) with physical activity.  It may encourage students that are not as interested in physical activity by allowing them to do something they enjoy.

Bit Breaker app



Seven, by Perigee, is a free app that provides a quick workout incorporating jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, step-ups and wall sits into a seven minute routine.  Teachers will find that it is a great resource to use for warming up students prior to beginning other activities or games. It is also a great tool to use in the classroom to give students a brain break to keep their minds active.

Seven iOS UI Design



Brain Break can be purchased for $0.99 and is a great way to reenergize and refocus a bored and sleepy class.  It has nine different categories that offer numerous activities to choose from, designed to maximize oxygen to the brain and stimulate students.  Teachers can choose from stretching, brainteasers, meditation, balance and coordination, movements, controlled movements, breathing, posture, powerful proverbs, and stretches.  Teachers will find that it is an excellent way to revive students in a very short amount of time and get them refocused on the work at hand.  Additionally, it is a great way to let students use up some excess energy without leaving the classroom.

BrainBreak App


Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a free app that is ideal for use in PE classes.  It provides thousands of multimedia workouts that were created by expert fitness trainers.  Exercises are demonstrated and have step-by-step video and verbal instruction.  You can choose from several categories to focus on including weight training, running, yoga, and more.  Teachers will find that this is a great alternative to the traditional method of lugging a TV into the gym and playing a fitness video.  It is also perfect to leave as a lesson plan for substitutes that are unfamiliar with physical education classes.

Workout Trainer App


Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is a free app that offers an extensive collection of games that are designed to strengthen the brain and improve its performance.  It is a simple way to help students keep their cognition in top shape.  Teachers will find that it is great to use during ‘down time’ in the classroom because it keeps students occupied with something they deem fun and you see as educational.

Fit Brains Trainer App