The ten apps below are some of the most amazing apps on the market to date. By using the camera on the face of the device these apps allow users to become part of the game. These ten apps are great for improving coordination, concentration and self-confidence, they can be used with students of all ages with amazing potential. I first started using these apps for education breaks in the classroom. I would use my apple TV and project my iPad onto the large TV I have in my classroom and let the students take it in turns to play. The beauty of using the apple TV is that while one student plays the interactive game, the rest of the class can watch on the large TV and cheer them on. I found that breaking my lessons up with these different apps was a great way to keep my class engaged and on task.

Due to the enjoyment the students were having with these interactive games, I started using them to start the day off. I had all my students in table teams, each session one student from each team would play one of the games and their score would be added to the table’s total points. This was a great way to improve teamwork and class unity. I would recommend all teachers trialing this as results were immediate amongst students encouraging each other and working together.

Finally you can use the apps as a reward for student’s who have shown leadership and excellence in the classroom. These students choose their favorite interactive game and play as a reward at the end of the day. The other students get to see that by doing the right thing they in turn will be rewarded and have the chance to add extra points to their table teams score board.

The introduction of these apps in my classroom has enabled me to bring another element of enjoyment and learning in the classroom. I also love the features of half the apps that can be used when exercising. I often use ‘fit fwy’ and ‘virtual active’ while I am on the treadmill or exercise bike at the gym. This makes a boring exercise exciting and enjoyable. Here is a list of the ten apps, some are free other cost but they are all worth their weight in gold. Good luck and hopefully they can have a positive influence on your teaching and in your classroom.

Ball Strike
Ball Strike app

Ball strike is a free app
that is designed to make
fitness more fun by
turning workouts into a
game. You stand in front
of the camera and punch,
kick, jump, twist, and turn
in an attempt to make
the balls appearing on the screen explode. There are 12 levels to choose from so you have the ability to increase the level of difficulty. It uses augmented reality to track everything that you do. It also keeps track of the calories you have burned as well as the balls you have hit and missed. Teachers will find it a great way to get in a short workout during their free time. It could actually be done in the classroom during your planning period. This is my favorite app to use for a short five minute education break with the students.

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Fuego’s Adventure
Fuego'™s Adventure app



Fuego’s River Adventure can be purchased for $0.99 and brings a whole new element into physical education classes. This is video game type app that requires students to move and manipulate their body in order to control the game. Do not be fooled! It requires serious effort and work to complete the different challenges. Students are able to advance levels as they complete them. Students will find it fun and entertaining. Teachers will like that it takes PE class into a whole different direction breaking up the monotony of traditional gym classes.

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Bit Breaker

Bit Breaker app

Bit Breaker is a free app, which places students into the middle of an arcade type game. Physical movements are tracked by your device and send students through a game with the goal of breaking bricks. Students will be required to move around, steer a paddle, and jump around continuously. It also incorporates video games (which many students love) with physical activity.

It may encourage students that are not as interested in physical activity by allowing them to do something they enjoy.

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Pop Flux

Pop Flux App

Pop Flux is a free app that is also intended to make exercise more entertaining. You use a front facing camera on your device to track your movements as you attempt to pop bubbles that are floating across the screen allowing you to earn life points.


However, it also features falling objects that will subtract life points if you are not able to dodge them. It has numerous levels with increasing levels of difficulty to make your workout tougher. Teachers will find that this is another app they can use to incorporate some classroom exercise whenever they have the time.

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Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance App

Zumba Dance can be purchased for $5.49. It allows you to complete difficult routines from any location and is able to track your movements. It features various popular dances from around the world that are accompanied by chart topping music. You can customise your workout based on the amount of time you have available.

Additionally, it features a Progress Tracker to assist you in creating goals and tracking the number of calories you have burned. It allows you to compete against others so it could be as a fun fitness challenge between a group of teachers.

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Fit Fwy Lite

Fit Fwy Lite App

Fit Freeway Lite is a free app that assists you in losing weight while playing the equivalent of a car racing game. It uses motion capture technology to track your movements. Your car’s speed is based on the speed you are exercising at. There are numerous race tracks to choose from as well as 3 levels of difficulty. Teachers who dread using an exercise bike or elliptical will find that it takes your mind off the exercise you are doing making the time go by much quicker while engaged in a fun activity. Students can also jog on the spot and move their body to control the car. This is a great way to increase physical activity and movement within the classroom.

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Virtual Active

Virtual Active App

Virtual Active is a free app that gives you the ability to run on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike through 16 exciting locations. Its goal is to make cardiovascular exercise more fun. It allows you to view actual scenery of the location you choose as you complete your run. It uses your device’s camera to determine how hard you are working out. Teachers will like that in addition to providing an excellent workout, it is also informative. During your run pop ups will appear providing information about the area you are running in. This can be a great way to get students active and also show them some amazing scenery and locations around the world. You can link this app to geography and history classes due to the amazing graphics the apps has.

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Bit Gym

Bit Gym App

Bit Gym can be purchased for the monthly fee of $7.99, but it does offer a free trail period for users to try. It allows you to run along trails from actual places in the world.

It can be used with a bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine. The scenery is beautiful and realistic. Teachers will enjoy that it is a great way to run through some of the most famous trails in the world without ever leaving your home. Same as ‘fit fwy’ and ‘virtual active’ you can enjoy this app in the classroom. Students can run on the spot and move their body to control themselves as they move through the amazing scenery.

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Vision Ball

Vision Ball App

Vision Ball is a free app that gives you the ability to play basketball interactively. You position yourself in front of the camera and make an actual shooting motion in order to get the basketball in the hoop. It tracks the number of shots you have taken, keeps score, and gives you your overall accuracy percentage. Teachers will find that it is a great way to decrease stress after a particularly hectic day.

It transports you right to the basketball court where you can forget about the bad day you have had. Students will love the fact that they can play a quick game and finish with a score. This can then be set up as a personal best for this student that they can try and better next time they have the chance to play. These points can also be awarded to the student’s table points if you have a system like this in your classroom.

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3D Goals

3D Goal App

3D Fun N’ Goals is a free app that allows you to use the camera on your device to place yourself right in the middle of a one on one match against a goalie in a soccer game. The goal is to kick the ball past him into the goal. Teachers will also find that this is a great distraction after a stressful day. Students will love the fact that they become part of the game. I personal use this game at the end of the day as a reward. It means that students normally leave having a laugh after playing or watching students try and score goals.

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