The following twelve apps barely touch the surface of amazing resources for these two subjects. I have tried my best to review some apps that teachers and parents may never have heard of. I have also included some crowd favorites that you simply cannot overlook as quality maths and science resources. If other teachers out there use different apps that they regard as ‘must haves’ for these two subjects, please email me at or leave a comment and I will add them to the list. 

Science 360

Science 360 is a free app that was created for science teachers by the National Science Foundation that is well organized and easy to read and navigate. It contains the latest science news from scientists, research centres, and more. It has great videos and pictures for students to enjoy that can be tapped on for further information or saved for future reference. It makes you aware of breaking news in the science community and is frequently updated for the best information. Teachers can easily archive material for use at a later date.

science360 App

Motion Math: Hungry Guppy

Motion Math: Hungry Guppy costs $3.99, but is a great option for elementary age students that are beginning to learn to count and add simple numbers up to 5. It is easy for children to play and provides spoken and visual hints for children who are having a difficult time. Teachers will find that it is a perfect way to making learning fun and kids will love it because they always win.

Motion Math- Hungry Guppy App


MathBreak is currently considered the #1 mathematics teaching application available and only costs $0.99. This is one of my creations, ideal to use as an education break or lesson starter with your class. It is great for teachers looking for a way to break up a monotonous math lesson. Teachers will find that it is an excellent way to reward the class with free time that is also educational. It offers over 50 different math games, lessons, and riddles for kids of all ages. It is also a great app to suggest to parents of children that are having some difficulty learning a new mathematical concept.

MathBreak App

Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection costs only $3.99, has won multiple awards, and is the go to app for classroom dissection without all the mess that comes with the real thing. Students are able to dissect a virtual frog using dissection tools that come with instructions. After the dissection is completed the organs are exposed in 3D images for the student to study and learn. It also offers a variety of information regarding the different types of frogs, their life spans, comparison of the frog’s organs to human organs, quizzes, and detailed descriptions. Teachers will find that is the perfect alternative to an actual dissection and is considerably cheaper than the real thing as well.

Frog Dissection App

Operation Math

Operation Math costs $2.99 and has won the 2012 Parents Choice Award. It is geared toward children between the ages of 5 and 12. It is an ideal app for students who are easily bored because it has multiple missions much like those found in many children’s video games. Students must answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts in their quest to destroy Dr. Odd. It a great option for teachers to use on a review day prior to a test so that every child gets significant practice while doing something fun. It can also be played in a multiplayer format.

Operation Math App

Math Bingo

Math Bingo is offered for $0.99 and is another fun math activity to add excitement on a monotonous day. Teachers will love it because it allows students to get extra practice on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while keeping them occupied. It also allows teachers to go in at a later time and view each child’s results to see what progress they have made. Students will love it because it is fun and they can win Bingo Bugs. It is intended for elementary age children.

Math Bingo App

Simple Physics

Simple Physics costs $1.99 and provides students the chance to learn the basic principles of physics by simulating engineering construction experiences. Geared toward the over 9 years old age group, it gives players a budget and certain objects to build a structure. Teachers will find that it is a great app for children to play after they have completed a test and are waiting on others because it keeps them quiet and occupied. Students will enjoy the challenge involved.

SimplePhysics App

Khan Academic Chemistry

Khan Academic Chemistry is a free app that can be used as a supplemental teaching aid in the classroom or be recommended for students who are having difficulty comprehending a certain topic. The app features numerous videos on all aspects of chemistry from organic chemistry to tutorials on balancing chemical equations.

Khan Academic Chemistry  App

Math Dictionary For Kids

Math Dictionary for Kids costs $2.99 and was the recipient of the 2013 Teacher’s Choice Award.  It is intended students in the 4th through 9th grades.  It allows students to look up math terms and visualise an example (if possible) of the term.  Teachers will find that it is a great way to supplement classroom teaching and is perfect for students who often ask redundant questions.  It is also a great app to mention to parents as a tool for helping their children with their homework.  It also allows you to make notes, store terms as favorites for quick access, and offers formula lists, conversion tables, and charts on numerous math related topics.

Math Dictionary For Kids App

Place Value

Place Value costs $0.99 and is a great tutorial for students that are just beginning to learn about the concept of place value.  It explains the process of determining place value and provides as much practice as students can handle.  It is also ideal for students who are having difficulty grasping the concept of place value.  Teachers will love it because it is a visual aid, but there is no concern about losing pieces or cleaning up a mess.

Place Value App

Fraction Fiddle

Fraction Factory is a free app that is intended to reinforce concepts that have been taught in class.  It gives students plenty of practice in putting fractions in order by size and converting fractions to decimals.  Students enjoy it because it turns learning into a game and gives them instant feedbacks.  Teachers will enjoy the fact that students can complete the activity independently.  Students can capture screenshots of their final scores to send to the teacher.

Fraction Fiddle App


Undecided is a free app that is intended to help make decisions easier.  It features a 6 sided dice, spinner, straw pull, and coin toss.  Teachers will find that its great for students to use while playing games especially those where the spinner or dice have been misplaced.  It is also ideal because it eliminates the need for any major clean up. Teachers can use undecided across all different subjects, which makes it a very valuable resource.

Undecided App