Due to the popularity of my previous post for supply teachers, I have decided to add another 5 activities to the list. Now if teachers collect this post and the previous blog entry, they will have ten amazing activities that are crowd pleasers all over the world. I have used these activities all over London and in Victoria, Australia. If other teachers out there have similar resources that are proven winners, please email them to me at dale@breakappz.com and I will add them to this great resource. Thank you for the feedback and I hope you enjoy. 

Dictation On The Go

Resources: Copies of a text for each pair

Description: Students will play this game in pairs. Choose one or more short pieces of text of about five lines that you have been reading in class. Stick the texts up around the room at some distance from where the students are sitting. One student in each pair sits on a chair with a pencil and paper. Their partner has to stand up and run to where the text is around the room. The runner reads it, memorises it and runs back to their partner who is sitting down. The runner might have to make a few trips back and forth to get the text correct. The runner has to dictate it to their partner, helping in any way they can without writing it. For example, “Actually, community has two ‘m’s”, and so on. The winner is the first pair with the absolutely correct version of the text.


Magic Wand

Resources: Pen and paper for each student

Description: Explain to the students that they have just found a magic wand that allows them to change three things in the school. They can change anything they want. They can change things about their school, teachers, classmates and homework. Have the class discuss why it is important to make the changes. They then need to write the changes in a letter addressed to the principal of the school.


Stranded Island

Resources: Pen and paper for each student

Description: Explain to the students that they are stuck on an island. Ask them what five (you can use a different number, such as seven, depending upon the size of each team) items they would have brought with them if they knew there was a chance that they might be stranded. Note that students are only allowed five items per team, not per person. Get the students to write their items on a piece of paper and discuss and defend their choices with the whole class. Great for generating class discussion.

Stranded Island

Board Game

Resources: Cardboard, pencils, pens, glue, and anything else you think will improve the quality of the board games

Description: This can be a fun activity where the students are free to make a board game about whatever they like, or you can relate it back to a topic you have just covered in English. Show the class examples like a monopoly board, and use the chance and community chest questions to relate to the topic you have been covering in class. This is a great way to revise the topic, and the students will enjoy the freedom of creating a board game that they can play.


Super Hero

Resources: Poster paper, paint, pencils and pens

Description: Place the students into groups of three or four. Each group will be given a large piece of poster paper that they will use for their final copy to design their super hero. Before they start, brainstorm ideas on the board. Talk about how each super hero has to have four super powers; for example, x-ray vision, invisible shield, breaths fire, can jump 20 metres high. They can be anything. Remember this is for the students to be as creative as possible; so let their imaginations run wild. Once they have decided this they need to use the poster paper and use paint or pencils to design their super hero. At the end of the class each group will get to introduce their super hero to the class, and talk about the special powers.