Numeracy and fitness together

Over the past few months I have been trialing a number of numeracy and literacy games that can be modified to encourage movement and fitness. You will all remember last week when I completed Yahtzee fitness, well this week I have another new one for you all.

Dice cricket is a great numeracy activity that works with students from grade 3 up. I must admit that it is always a trusty favourite that I go to when I’m struggling for ideas. Now you can get the same great numeracy benefits of the game, as well as incorporating in movement and exercise. This is a win win situation, as it is mixing two very important curriculum’s in the schooling timetable. For a limited time I am offering this as a FREE download to all my email subscribers, social media and blog followers as well.

I would love any feedback regarding this new dice cricket fitness, Yahtzee fitness or if you have any other classic games that you would like me to turn into a fitness based game please let me know. If you have any feedback, positive or negative I would love to hear from you at Stay tuned as I have a number of amazing new games coming as well as a new app that’s going to be game changing! Enjoy your Monday, cheers Dale.

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