Planning and assessment play such a vital role in a teacher’s day-to-day duties. The following nine apps are all gems in there own right and deserve to be looked at. As teachers, we are always looking for new ways to plan and assess students’ work. Regardless of what curriculum you teach, planning and assessment are things that teachers must do everyday. Thanks to the latest in mobile technology, planning lessons and assessing students’ work has never been easier. 


Evernote is an excellent option for teachers that find they just can’t remember everything. It has numerous tools to help you store information from writing notes, creating to do lists, and even voice recording. Voice recording is a great thing to have when you think of something on the spur of the moment. The best part is that it syncs your notes across every device that you use. It also takes photos so if you happen to run across a great bulletin board idea you can snap a pic and replicate it later. It is free to download and use. However, upgrade options are available for those who want to be able to do more.

Evernote App


Keynote is quite honestly the best presentation app available. It is basically the equivalent of PowerPoint. It is the perfect app for finding pictures to complement your lecture material and creating and downloading presentations. It is great to have in schools with spotty wifi coverage because once something has been saved in the drop box it is accessible without a wifi connection.

Keynote App

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services found online.  It provides 15 GB of storage space for free, but it allows you the opportunity to purchase more if needed.  Once they have been stored you can access your documents from any handheld device or computer making it extremely convenient.  It allows you to create forms, spreadsheets, and drawings that can be combined together as well as edited.  It is automatically connected to Google Plus allowing the files saved to be sent to your Gmail without any difficulty.  It is easy to use and versatile.

Google Drive App

Easy Assessment

Easy Assessment can be purchased for $1.99, and is well worth the cost for teachers who use a rubric as their grading system of choice.  It is ideal for coaches as well to assess student’s performance.  It is perfect to use when grading presentations because you can take pictures or videos and add comments to help you remember key information that is usually quickly forgotten after watching numerous students.  You can open the results as a spreadsheet to compare student’s scores and everything can be easily emailed to yourself. This is yet another great app created by Jarrod Robinson.

Easy Assessment App

Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio is easily the most impressive app that Jarrod Robinson has created to date. It is the perfect tool for creating an electronic portfolio of your work or that of your students. Portfolios can contain everything from pictures, notes, audio recordings, videos, links, and more.   It can be purchased for $1.99 and is very user friendly.  Files on your iPad can easily be imported or you can create things from scratch.  It is also a good option for students because they can create separate portfolios for each class and type or record notes there.

Easy Portfolio App

Three Ring

Three Ring is perfect for teachers who want to be able to easily communicate with student’s parents.  It can capture anything from video to audio recordings and be sent to another person within seconds.  You can take pictures of student work, white boards, and more to reference at a later time.  Students can even upload their work to it.  The best part is that wifi is not necessary.  If you are unable to connect any information that it is entered or recorded will be placed in a folder until it can be uploaded.

Three Ring App


Socrative is the free app every teacher needs to keep her classroom engaged.  Teachers can use it to give quizzes using a true/ false format, short answer, or multiple choice questions.  Teachers can view answers immediately and it can be set to give students immediate feedback after completing a quiz.  Students can submit questions and comments anonymously if they choose which is perfect when discussing information in class they may be reluctant to share.  It allows interactive games to played in class.  Finally, it provides reports using Excel or a spreadsheet format for easy viewing.  It is a great time saver when it comes to grading.

Socrative App

Groovy Grader

Groovy Grader is a free app that is designed as a replacement for a traditional grade book.  It is convenient, easy to use, and it is impossible to lose it or leave it at home.  It takes all the work out of figuring out semester averages because it does it all for you and can be formatted to give you grades with 1 or 2 decimals.  It allows teachers to view up to 40 grades at a time.  It, essentially, makes grading easy.

Groovy Grader App