Movements that will improve the students’ body control and ability to keep on task and be productive throughout the day. One thing we have found is that students these days have extremely poor posture; this can be caused by a number of different things. By using posture exercises daily, you will educate your class on the importance of correct posture.


Head and Shoulders

Students place their hands behind their head, fingers interlocked and elbows pointing out. The students should then gently push their hands forward, and at the same time they push their head backward to create resistance. Tell students to maintain their head in proper alignment while feeling the resistance of the hands. Hold for ten seconds and repeat the exercise three times.

Wall Slide 

Students stand with their bottoms, and back, against a wall. The students then bring their feet 30cms away from the wall. They keep their back against the wall and lower their bottoms until their knees are bent to about 60 degrees, keeping their abdominals tight. Students hold this for 20 seconds then rise back up to where they are standing up straight. For a challenge tell students to bend their knees to 90 degrees and see who can hold their wall slide for the longest. The wall slide is great for improving strength and students’ postures.

Sit to Stands

Students sit on the edge of their chair with their feet slightly behind their knees. They stand up while keeping their neck and spine erect. The students’ backs should not bend forward. After the students stand, they immediately return to their sitting position, making sure not to put full weight on their chair. Students repeat this process for 20 seconds then have a break.

Pelvic Tilt

Students need to stand using good posture. Students then relax their hips and let their bottoms stick out somewhat. Then they place their thumbs on their lower ribs and fingers on their hipbones. Students are to tuck their bottoms under, so their hip bones line up under their lower ribs. Students hold this posture for 10 seconds then relax. Repeat the movement three times.