This is a relatively small entry compared to usual, but that does not take away from the power that the following apps have for teachers. The following list has been placed together simply for teachers to be able to save time and be more efficient with their time. All the note-taking apps are amazing and allow teachers to constantly be recording great lesson ideas and also notes on certain students. This alone saves hours of time when report writing and parents’ evenings come around. Do yourself a favor and invest in a few of these gems, as they will defiantly be a welcome addition to your iPhone or iPad. 


Notability can be purchased for $2.99, but it has revolutionized the grading world and is well worth the cost.  Teachers will find that it is especially helpful when students are doing presentations.  It allows the teacher to write down his or her own notes, draw figures, insert photos, and even record audio with a timer to keep track of the length of the presentation.  Everything is easily exported into the format you choose.  It allows you to go home and review presentations as you grade them and remember them all detail for detail.  You can, then, write down your notes to the student and the final grade.  You can email the results to your students or print them out.

Noteability App


Wunderlist is a free app that enables teachers to keep their thoughts organized.  It allows you to write down to do lists, prioritize items, schedule due dates, set reminders, and even share lists with others.  This is perfect when working on a team project.  Anything that is added to your list on one device is automatically synchronized with any other devices that you have using this app.  Teachers will find that it is a great way to remain organized and make certain that you get everything completed.

Wunderlist App

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free app that provides a place to store files, videos, photos, and more.  This allows you access to these items from anywhere.  You can make changes to documents, create new documents, share with others, and more.  It allows you up to 15 GB of storage for free.  Teachers will find that is a simple way to ensure that you always have access to certain things you may need in the classroom.  It also allows you to work on things for class from anywhere instead of being chained to your computer or laptop.

Google Drive App

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard is a free app that converts your iPad to a whiteboard that can record audio and capture handwriting to allow you to produce video lessons.  Lessons can be stored online and teachers can contact one another to swap out lessons.  Teachers will find that it is ideal for days when you need to teach a lesson, but you also need to speak to students individually.  You can play the video while completing your other tasks.  Additionally, it gives students access to your class presentations online so that can view them at anytime from anywhere.  Finally, it allows children that have been absent the opportunity to catch up on anything that they may have missed.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App

Sundry Notes

Sundry Notes is a free app that allows you to import PDF files, create drawings, complete searches using Wikipedia and Google, copy images from the internet that might be beneficial in the classroom, and make audio recordings.  It is ideal for keeping everything that you need for classes in one spot that is easily accessible.  Teacher’s will like that it allows you to work on virtual graph paper, which is not commonly found on apps.

Sundry Notes App

DocScan HD

DocScan HD is a free app that gives you the opportunity to take pictures of a document using your iPad and create a PDF file with it.  Teachers will find that this is a terrific alternative to making tons of copies of documents to hand out in class.  You can simply take a picture of the document, convert it into a PDF, and then email it to students. They can complete assignments and email them back.  It will greatly decrease the amount of paper that you use in the classroom as well as the amount of papers that you are constantly hauling around to grade.

DocScan HD  App