ScienceBreak is full of science experiments and lesson ideas for teachers to use in their every day teaching. With over 80 different experiments and fantastic ideas, ScienceBreak is designed to assist teachers and make planning action packed lessons to engage their students. ScienceBreak also includes over 150 video experiments, which are great to stream straight through your projector or apple TV and have the app teach the class. The app also includes 80 lesson starter activities and many more science resources. All the experiments have been created in an easy to follow format that allows both teachers and students to achieve great results and enjoy science.


ScienceBreak is also a great tool for parents to use at home with their children. If parents are looking at helping their children with science, or spend family time working on an experiment together then this is a must have application. ScienceBreak is a great way to explore and develop knowledge of how things work and why, this application is also a must for children who are fascinated with science and want to further their understanding with great experiments.
View ScienceBreak on iTunes here:

ScienceBreak App



ScienceBreak has also been created as an eBook that is on iTunes. Teachers who do not have an IOS device can still enjoy the great experiments here:

ScienceBreak eBook



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