My two biggest loves in the world would have to be fitness and sport. I know what you are thinking, that they are both just about the same. In fact they are so similar it’s not funny. The only difference is that most people think that fitness is going to the gym, a spin class or attending a bootcamp session and sport is playing a team based/individual sport against opposition. This is normally a competition, or alternatively you are playing for the social side to have fun with your friends.
This has got me thinking. How can we turn different sports that people love watching, playing or cheering on their favorite teams into fun fast paced team workouts? I think this would be the ideal combination; fitness and sport together would be the perfect couple!
Then I thought to myself, what would be the top fitness based sport game that I would love to play in a bootcamp or PE class? The answer for me was quite simple; golf. I love golf, even though I’m not very good! It’s a sport that relaxes me but also challenges my concentration and skill like no other sport I have played before. This being said, I thought it would be the perfect game to start a new collection of fitness games for a brand new eBook and of course activities that will be added to our members zone for everyone to use.
This week’s first ‘sports themed’ fitness game we have created is called ‘go for par’. It is all based around playing 18 holes of golf, with the lowest score winning. The best part about this game is that you are able to play individually or in teams. We will be adding ‘go for par’ fitness to the team games category in our member’s zone this Friday.
Other sports that we are going to add to the new eBook and also the member’s zone include: ultimate Frisbee, baseball, cricket (this is already in the dice category), horse racing (this is already in the dice category), athletics, car racing and a few more you will have to stay tuned for.
As always we are trying to make fitness as engaging and fun as possible for your clients and students. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you think would work well in this new eBook then be sure to send us an email. Have a great day and stay tuned to this space, as our sports based fitness eBook will be available for all you sport enthusiasts soon!
Cheers, Dale

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