The following nine apps need little introduction. They are amazing resources that I am sure most teachers are using on their devices daily. Using these apps has become second nature to me and I would be lost without them. They have made so many aspects of my day easier and more efficient. Hopefully they will have the same effect for you as well. If other teachers out there use different apps that they regard as ‘must haves’ for storage, time management and reflections tools. Please email me at or leave a comment and I will add them to the list.


DropBox is a free app that allows you to store and sync documents across different devices including your home computer, school computer, iPad, and more. Teachers will like it because they make changes to classroom assignments on their computer at home and know it will be waiting on them when they get back to school.  It is fast, convenient, and easy to use.

DropBox App


CloudOn is a free app that provides access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from their iPad to make working on documents convenient.  It also allows you to download items to DropBox meaning that you will always be able to access your files from anywhere.  It allows you to open documents in Word on your PC that were created on your iPad.   Teachers will find that it is very convenient, allows you to work on things from anywhere including PowerPoint presentations which is not common among apps.

CloudOn App


LiveBinders is a free app that proves very useful.  It allows you to create online binders of webpages, documents, and images that you need to use in class.  It, then, displays the binders for you in a tabbed, book-like format that makes it simple to go to exactly what you are looking for.  Teachers may find that it is a great way to allow students to create booklets of information for class presentations without using lots of paper.  Students can combine their work with things they find online.

LiveBinder App

Gdrive Export

Gdrive Exporter can be purchased for $1.99 and gives you the ability to easily convert all your Google Drive documents including spreadsheets, documents, pictures, and presentations into the format that you prefer.  Teachers will appreciate that it includes a PDF converter to quickly convert Office documents including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to PDF.

Gdrive Export App


Pointer is a free app that allows you to play presentations by simply connecting your device to anything with a screen such as a TV or computer monitor.  The best part and what teachers will benefit from most is that it allows the user the ability to point and draw things directly on the screen.  This makes it easy to point out specific things.  Files can be accessed for DropBox, GoogleDrive, and more.

Pointer App


Pocket was initially known as ‘Read it later’ and is a free app.  It allows you to store articles, videos, and webpages that you want to read, watch, or view later.  It automatically syncs to all your devices including your phone.  However, its best feature is that allows you to view what you have stored at any time from wherever you may be and it does not need an internet connection.  Teachers will find that it is a very simple way to keep up with things you want to read or view in class with your students. Additionally, it will work even if your school has poor WiFi.

pocket App


RE.minder is a free app that eliminates the need for a To-do list written on paper. It sends you notifications of upcoming items that need to be completed in several ways of your choosing including musical, simple, and fun.  It is user friendly and allows you an extensive amount of space to write notes to yourself.  It is available in multiple languages as well. Finally, it is very simple to reset.  Teachers will like that it is much easier to keep up with than a paper list and the fact that it can be set to send you notifications before something is due or an event is scheduled.  It is perfect to set as a reminder of a parent conference, staff meetings, and other events.

RE.minder App

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a free app that offers numerous features designed to simplify your life by making it more organized.  Teachers will find that it is an easy way to remind students and parents about upcoming events and due dates.  It is also a simple way to track and prepare lessons for the classroom.  You can simply start a list with your overall topic and then list specific lessons you want to remember to incorporate under it.  Finally, it gives you an easy way to keep up with things in the classroom such as jotting down whose turn it will be on the computer next or remembering who will go first the next time the class reads aloud.

Remember the Milk App


Lift is a free app that can help you balance your school and home life.  It allows you to improve your life by making it easier to build better habits and track your progress.  You simply add tasks and check in every time that you complete them such as exercise or taking a multivitamin.  It also allows you to link your account with friends to provide further motivation and accountability.  Teachers will find that it is a great way to make sure that they take care of themselves. Being healthy and have a good wellbeing will prove beneficial for the teacher and his or her students.


101 Apps for Teachers

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101 Apps for Teachers