This is the ultimate resource for classroom teachers. Inside the Teacher Shake App you will find over 100 lesson starters, and 35 debrief and reflection activities to conclude your lessons. A majority of the lesson starters will last between five to ten minutes, the perfect amount of time to have students focused after recess or lunch or at the start of a new schooling day. The activities engage and energise students so they are focused and ready to commence learning.Icon 1024 final

Once you have completed the lesson or you have finished the current topic with your class, a debrief or reflection activity is the perfect way to see what learning has taken place. Not only will the debrief activities be an effective way to finish off the class, they are also a vital tool for student revision. The best part about these activities is that they have been designed to maximise learning and reflection in fun new ways.

The app also has a favorites section, where teachers can create a list of their favorite lesson starters and reflection activities. This is a great way to build up a base of quality activities that work for individual teachers. The Teacher Shake is the newest edition to the Shake range of apps, it has the simple to use shake function to generate a new activity. Not only is it easy to use, it is also extremely exciting for students to shake the device and a new game or activity appears.

As part of the release of the Teacher Shake, here are two sample lesson starters and two reflection activities listed below.


Lesson Starters

UNO Masters

Equipment: A pack of UNO cards or normal playing cards

Description: Students start the game in a large circle. Each student is then handed a UNO card. Once the student has their card they need to wait until it is their turn and the entire class performs the movement for 10 seconds. Or you can perform the number of reps on the card. For example a red 6 would be 6 Squats. Here are the class movements:

Blue: Lunges

Red: Squats

Yellow: Sit ups

Green: Jump and reach to the sky

If you do not have a set of UNO cards you can use normal playing cards instead. Instead of using colours, use the suits of the cards to allocate different movements.


Paper Walk

Equipment: A4 Pieces of paper

Description: This is a classic energiser to start lessons or to challenge students with an active game. Using recycled paper, each student places a piece of A4 paper on their stomach and then tries to walk down the hall fast enough so it does not fall off.  If it falls, students need to complete 5 star jumps or 5 push-ups before trying again. If you have time you can take the class outside and measure which student can paper walk the longest distance. This is a fun challenge that will energise students ready for your lesson.


Debrief and Reflection Activities

Snap Chat Photo

Equipment: None

Description: This short activity can prelude a formal reflection discussion, being effective in helping students begin to reflect on what was accomplished during the lesson. Ask the students to think about the lesson that has just taken place and explain to them that they are going to create a living ‘snapshot’ of the lesson.

Ask for one student to start the photo by posing in such a way that illustrates their involvement in the lesson. Then ask another to join in to help build the living snapshot and continue until every student is in the photo. Once all students are in place, use a camera to take a group photo.


News Reporter

Equipment: None

Description: This is a fantastic way to reflect on the learning that has taken place in the lesson. Students take it in turns to be news reporters. They either stand at the front of the class or sit at the teacher’s desk. They need to talk about three things they have learnt and enjoyed in the class. The fun thing about this is that they have to present these three items to the class like they are on the 6 o’clock News. Students can present like they are reading the weather, doing the sporting section or anything they like. It’s always a great idea to show the class what you mean and give a sample new report of your own. My favourite thing to finish with is to design a “finishing signing off sentence”. Like ‘be good San Diageo’ or ‘that’s the news as it played out, I’m Dale Sidebottom see you tomorrow night’.


To find out more, or to win yourself a free copy email me at and tell me why you would like the Teacher Shake app. I have ten copies’ to give way to the first ten emails. Or you can tweet me on twitter @DaleSidebottom and tell me why you would like a free copy.