I’m not sure where I found this finishing activity, I know that I didn’t make it up and I’m not trying to take credit for it at all. But it is simple, takes minimal time and is very very challenging to everyone who attempts it. This has not been added to our Members Zone as we did not create it and therefore do not want to take credit for it. Here it is for you all today.

One minute, 20 seconds of pain

The first step is to pick a body weight movement that everyone must complete. I like to use this activity on leg day and get all clients to perform squats.

Set a time on an iPad for 20 seconds. Participants need to complete as many squats as possible in the 20 second period. The catch is that you just tell them to go flat out and leave it all out there. Once the 20 seconds is up each participant will have a score, for example 20 reps. Clients then multiply their rep score by three, so if a client scored 20 reps, their new score would be 60 reps. Give them a one minute break, and then set one minute on the timer. Participants now have to try and beat their tripled score (60) in the allocated minute. This is a brutal minute, and it really challenges all participants. At the end of the minute, ask clients to raise their hand if they were able to beat the rep score they set themselves. They will leave your class/session with burning legs and a smile on their face if they were able to beat their rep score. Give it a try with your clients, you can use any body weight movement, it doesn’t have to be squats.

This week I am really excited with the new games we are releasing. The main game for the week is ‘spelling bee fitness’. We have taken this idea from the new TV show, where children get words and have to spell them out. This is very similar as it uses the same concept, but we have put our ‘Bottoms Ups’ spin on it. The groups that we have used it on so far have really enjoyed it, and we are confident that you will find it very useful for your business or the classes you are teaching.

The second game is a warm up game that I have designed from one of my favourite ever TV shows, ‘The Karate Kid’. As a kid growing up I used to love these movies, so I thought what better way to start a fitness session. You can build hype and talk about Daniel and Mr. Miyagi and how much you loved the show, (if in fact you did love the movies like I did).

Third and final game that will be released this week is a fun dice game, called ‘fitness fractions’. Like most of our dice games, this comes with a fantastic score card and instructions, which makes it so easy to use in your sessions.

We are always trying to come up with fun and engaging ways to make fitness fun. If you have any ideas of shows, characters, places or anything like that, which you would love to see turned into a fitness game, then simply hit us up with an email. We love a challenge as much as we love designing amazing workouts and fitness games. Have a great week, these three amazing games will be live on our Members Zone this Friday! Cheers Dale.

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