The following five education breaks will improve balance, coordination and overall focus in the classroom. I have found that if students can improve their balance and coordination, it has a flow-on effect to their schooling. They instantly become more confident and have an improved attitude, which is what all teachers like to hear. If you would like the five education breaks as a PDF, please email me at

Chicken Man

Students start by standing on their own, and on their toes, making chicken wings with their arms. They then need to twist their body back and forth, all the way down, until their bottom touches their feet. Once the students have done this they then come all the way back up, and do it again. This controlled move is called the Chicken Man because you are dancing like a Funky Chicken.


The Elephant

Students start by placing their left ear on their left shoulder then extending their left arm like the trunk of an elephant with their knees relaxed. Students then draw the figure 8 in front of them, crossing up in the middle of their stomach. Students then switch arms after five complete figures.


Catch a star 

Students reach with their right hand up in the air and bend to their left as they pretend to catch a star high in the sky. Then they reach with their left hand up in the air and bend to their right as they catch a star high in the sky.


The Paddler 

Students start by putting fists on top of each other as if they are holding a boat paddle. Tell them to pretend to paddle on the right side of their body and then swap hands and pretend to paddle on the left of their body. Once the students have mastered this, you can get them to move around the room for each paddle they make.


The Fireman 

Students start by pretending that they are firemen, and they are called to put out a fire. First they have to pretend they have a bucket and scoop up water from the floor near their right foot. Students then have to throw the water over their left shoulder. Once students have completed ten bucket throws of water on one side of their body, they need to swap and do the same on the opposite side.