This year during fitness classes I am trialing a different method of fitness testing. I will still conduct the beep test as the students enjoy this and I find it to be a good challenge for the class. However, I will be introducing different body weight workouts for the class to complete to test their fitness levels.

I will be conducting one body weight class challenge each week. The entire class will work through the challenges at their own pace. The main goal is not to be the first to finish in the class, but more to record an improved time over the course of the year. I will record the students times at the start of the year and then, each time we complete the challenges again, I will record the times for each student so they can see improvement, with their times hopefully reducing.

If students feel that some of the challenges will be too hard for them, and they won’t be able to physically complete them, then it’s possible modify these challenges to suit each individual. Simply reduce the number of reps or sets that student needs to complete. Then, each time they complete that particular challenge, they do the same number of reps and sets as in the first test. It is completely up to yourself and the individual student as to how hard they want to push themselves.

If you have a very competitive class, as I do, you can have an honor board in the room, with the fastest times for each Challenge. This will act as a motivation tool for the students as they will want to be on the board as the class champion.

As I said before this is a trial for me, I have never done this before. Hopefully the students will embrace the challenges and we will see some amazing results as a class. I will keep you posted throughout the year with our progress. 

Five Rounds



Prison Workout


Ten Rounds


Long Cycle


Four Rounds of Run

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WOD Shake