The following five education breaks are movements that the class can do together. They work on teamwork, coordination and concentration, which is perfect for increasing focus and energy levels. These controlled movements are not only fantastic for developing coordination and brain control, but they will also improve class morale and confidence. If you would like these movements as PDF please email me at

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Students start by lying on their back with their knees bent and their feet flat on the floor. They need to lift their bottoms off the floor to make a bridge. Then other students use toy cars and drive the toys under the student’s bottom to the other side, like they are driving under a bridge. Gradually increase the number of trips the car takes before the bridge comes down. The more times the cars go under the bridge, the longer the student is holding the position.


Crab Walk

Students get into position to walk backwards, like a crab. Put a beanbag or soft toy on their stomachs. Students will have to keep their bottom up to stop the toy from falling off.  As this activity is quite demanding, set a short distance of three metres for the students’ first attempt. As the students’ endurance increases, you can increase the distance they walk as crabs.

Crab Walking

Human knot

All students stand in a circle with their shoulders touching. Students stretch both hands out into the centre of the circle. Each student grabs somebody else’s hand, a different student for each hand. The class must work together to try and untangle themselves without letting go of any hands. A variation you can introduce to make the activity more challenging is to have a time limit, try to complete without talking and only allow one student to talk.


Mirror Image

Class starts with pairs facing each other. One at a time a student will start moving and their partner will mirror what their partner is doing. After a minute or so swap over. Challenge the class to see who is the best mirror pair. Also challenge the pairs to see who can come up with the best movements. You can choose the students who would like to perform in front of the class.


Finger Snatch

The class is arranged in a circle. Each student stands with their right hand out facing up and their left index finger out facing down on the student’s right hand next to them, which is open. On the call, “Gotcha”, students must lift their left finger off the hand of the student next to them before it gets grabbed, while trying to grab the finger that is in their right hand.