Benefits of using meditations

Meditations relieve pressure and tension so students can perform at their peak. I have found that by reading a meditation to the students once a week, it gives the students the chance to dream, and use their imagination. It is also a great way for the class to relax and focus again after playtime. The following five mediations were written and created by my amazing mother Karyn. Mum used to read these to me as a child to help me sleep and also to let me dream and use my imagination. I will be forever grateful that mum took the time, love and care to create these gems for my sisters and myself. Try these amazing mediations with your own children or the students you teach. 


Students can sit on the floor or lay down – whatever you feel is the most comfortable for them. Slowly take them through some deep-breathing exercises so they are relaxed and calm. Continue with the meditation examples below or change to incorporate places that may be of interest to your students. At the end of the meditations, give the students some time to sit up and recap on where they have just been, and what they have done. You can also have soft relaxation music playing in the background if you like. 

Your Secret Garden 

Your secret garden is a magical place where you can float amongst the white, fluffy clouds, play on the grass with the fairies or lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the peace and calm of your garden.

To reach the garden I want you to lie down and close your eyes; in the distance you can see a golden path, which leads to a beautiful gate. Walk up to the gate and pull it slowly towards you. You can see the bright yellow, pink and red flowers that are gently swaying in the breeze. You find yourself walking towards these flowers on the soft, green grass; feel it tickle your toes. The sun is shining and you can feel the warmth on your shoulders. You come across a chair covered in beautiful, blue velvet.  Beside the chair are two very special fairies.

The fairies ask you to sit on the chair. They are here to protect you and they make you feel very safe. The fairies have a lovely garland of sweetly scented flowers that they put around your neck. They also have some magical fairy wings for you; they are asking you to slip the wings on and you do so, feeling the lovely soft fabric of the wings against your skin. Your wings are silver in colour, just like the fine threads of a spider web. They glisten in the sunlight and as you look up you can see colourful birds flying above you.

The birds want you and the fairies to join them amongst the fluffy, white clouds. The fairies hold onto your hands and you feel yourself float towards the birds. It is a magical feeling floating above the green grass and flowers. It feels glorious to be free in the air. As you float amongst the clouds you do not feel frightened at all as the fairies are guiding you and you know they will keep you safe.

The fairies take you to a very special cloud where you land to rest your beautiful fairy wings. As you sit on the cloud you feel its softness all around you making you feel happy, calm and a little bit sleepy. One of the fairies brings you a little cupcake on a special fairy plate with little birds painted around the edge. You are feeling very sleepy now so the fairies lie down beside you and rest with you. You feel the softness of their wings and they tell you beautiful stories of their adventure.


The Magic Castle

Today is a special day for you as we are going to visit the Magic Castle, which sits very high on a green, grassy mountain. The fairies are waiting for you to take their hands so they can guide you along the path to the Magic Castle. The path is winding around the mountain and as you walk along the path very friendly creatures greet you.

A magpie and a hare are resting together amongst the yellow buttercups. As you pass by they become excited and want to join you and the fairies. Can you hear the birds singing softly to you? They make such beautiful music – it makes you feel warm and safe. You feel so happy to be around the animals and to have the fairies with their silver wings caressing your skin as they take you on your journey to the castle.

The castle is surrounded by a beautiful moat and as you walk over the drawbridge you look down to gaze in the beautiful, clear water surrounding the castle. You can see lots of fish swimming happily, all different colours. Their scales glisten in the sunlight creating a magical rainbow of colours through the water.

You walk inside the castle and all the walls are covered in gold and beautiful, sparkling gems; it is so beautiful you can’t believe how many coloured gems there are.  The fairies are flying from one sparkling gem to another. They come back to you, take your hand, and you feel yourself floating towards the beautiful gems as they guide you to the very top of the castle to the Golden Tower. It’s just like floating on a cloud.  You look down and see the hare and magpie waving to you.

As you reach the Golden Tower you feel so relaxed and happy.  You feel safe and not frightened to be at the top of the tower. You rest now with the fairies, it feels nice to look out the little arch window of the tower. You can see the green, rolling hills and the clouds are so close you can nearly touch them. The fairies sit with you, wrapping you in their soft wings.  You can just sit with the fairies or take their hand and explore. You are safe and I will come back for you shortly; just relax and enjoy your Magic Castle.


The Tree House

Today you are on an adventure to visit the very best tree house in the whole wide world. As you walk through your secret garden you can see in the distance a beautiful tree. At the very bottom of the tree is a little red door, with a shiny golden latch. You reach the tree and pull the little red door open. In front of you are steps leading to the very top of the tree.

As you climb the steps the fairies greet you.  They are very playful today and tell you that today you are going to have so much fun. You feel excited as you follow the winding steps inside the trunk of the tree. Every so often you are greeted by a little window and as you look out you can see the tree’s branches, the leaves are a beautiful emerald green and they make a swishing sound as they sway in the breeze. Shiny, red apples hang from the branches.  You reach out and pick the biggest apple you have ever seen.  As you take a bite you are surprised to taste lots of different flavours. This is a very special apple as with each bite you take a new flavour explodes in your mouth.  There are orange, strawberry, chocolate and blueberry flavours.

You finish your apple and are ready for your next exciting adventure. You come to a bright yellow slide; the fairies are squealing with excitement and you see why when you notice that this is a very different slide. The slide winds around the outside of the tree, it doesn’t go down, it actually goes up towards the very top branches of the tree house. The fairies take your hand and sit you on the slide, giggling as they do so. Before you know it you are sliding upwards towards the top of the tree. As you slide up the slide, beautiful blue and yellow butterflies follow you on your adventure; you can feel their soft wings on your arms and face like gentle butterfly kisses. You feel the breeze on your face and you are having so much fun you do not want the slide to end.

As you reach the end of the slide you look down and notice you are at the very top of the tree.  White, fluffy clouds surround you.  As you step off the slide you can see an orange slide, which goes down the middle of the tree trunk. You are so happy because now you can go down one slide and back up the magic slide. You hear the fairies coming from behind, laughing and squealing in delight.  You know that you are going to enjoy playing with the fairies and you can do so for as long as you like. When you have finished playing I will come back to get you.  Have fun!


Magic Beach

Place yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a long, slow, deep breath. As you breathe out, relax your body. Imagine that you are standing on a beach. See the beach in your mind. Think about a beach that you may have visited, or you could use an imaginary beach if you like.

You can feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun is warm on your face.  Look around you.  In front of you is a huge ocean.  It looks a silvery-blue colour and the sunlight sparkles like tiny stars dancing on the surface.

You look at the ground and in front of you in the sand is the most glorious shell you have ever seen. You pick it up.  It feels warm. Notice how smooth the shell is. Feel it with your fingers. This is your magic shell. You can tell it your secrets and it will keep them. You can also tell your shell any worries that you may have. Tell it about any problems that may be troubling you at the moment, no matter how big or how small they are. The shell wants to hear them. Whenever you have worried feelings you can tell your shell about them and it will magically take those horrid feelings and turn them into good ones.

Now see yourself holding the shell close to your mouth. In your mind silently tell it whatever you wish. No one else will know what you say. Only you and your shell! As you say your words they go right into the middle of the shell so that it can take them away for you. Tell your shell your worries right now.

Now you do not have to feel yucky feelings anymore. The shell has made them disappear. Just like magic!

They are gone!

As you hold your shell close, all you feel is calm and happiness. You feel peaceful all the way from the tips of your toes to the tip of your nose. Feel it right now. Notice how it feels. It is important for you to know that you can imagine your shell whenever you wish to make yucky thoughts and feelings disappear – whenever you wish to feel calm. Now, in your own time, slowly and peacefully sit up and wait for the rest of the class.


Reaching for the Clouds

Today I will take you on a magical journey to a land of many surprises, so close your eyes and take three deep breaths, as we are about to go somewhere magical. As you open the gate to your secret garden many colourful balloons come tumbling out to greet you. The balloons are made up of all different colours.  These are not ordinary balloons as you are about to discover. As you pick up a balloon it pops in your hands. Magically each one has a different surprise in store for you.

You discover that the bright red balloons have cricket balls, bats, helmets and wickets, all brand new. You call to your friends so that you can all play a game as in front of you is the best cricket ground, it looks just like what the professionals play on. You have a wonderful time as everyone joins in; no one is left out and you all have a great time taking turns to bat, field and bowl.

Next you choose a blue balloon and a huge rope rolls out in front of you.  You watch in wonder as the rope rises above you and connects to two large poles. As you stand there you see a special basket traveling along the rope and you realise it is the largest flying fox you have ever seen. This is going to be so much fun as all your friends can share the joy of soaring above the tree tops, feeling the cool breeze on your faces as you whiz along the flying fox. There is no need to be frightened as your friends are helping and supporting you as you climb into the basket. You realise it is always good to try new things.  Adventures are fun especially when everyone is working together so everyone experiences the joy of riding the flying fox.

The next balloon you pop is a bright green balloon.  Inside you discover a pair of beautiful yellow running shoes.  You quickly put them on and feel as light as a feather. You start to run and jump feeling free and happy.  You see your friends are waiting for you and they all have bright coloured shoes on too. They are all bouncing on the biggest trampoline, bigger than an oval. You run to join them so you can all bounce together doing the best somersaults, jumping higher and higher until you can touch the clouds. Everyone is laughing, some are having a rest on the clouds, and you can have a rest too or find another balloon to see what other surprises you would like to share with your friends. I will come back for you soon when you have finished playing.


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