The following five stretching education breaks have huge potential for teachers and parents to use with their children. Children will be able to relieve stress and relax before, after or during work. If children are restless or feeling stressed about upcoming tests, or need to calm down to focus on work, take them through some of these stretches to get them focused and engaged in the upcoming tasks. If you would like to have the following five education breaks as a PDF please email me at

Windmill Spins High

Students can sit or stand for these stretches. Students start by moving their arms around in large circles, like two big windmills. Once they master this, ask them to move their right arm in a clockwise direction and their left arm in an anticlockwise direction. Then swap so the left arm is moving clockwise and their right arm is moving anticlockwise. This is called the windmill, as students will look like windmills when they have both arms spinning.


Triangle Stretch

Students start by leaning to one side until their elbow can rest on their bent knee. The students then need to breathe in and slowly raise their other arm above their head. Their bodies should form a triangle shape. Hold for ten seconds then swap sides. Repeat twice on both sides.


The Cat

Students start on the floor with their hands and knees positioned firmly on the ground. Students push their back upwards, as if they are trying to reach the ceiling with it. They arch their back as much as possible, just like a cat does. Remind students not to lift their hands and knees from the floor. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds then relax. Repeat three times for best results.


Bottoms Up

Students lay on their back with both their legs extended and their toes pointing toward the ceiling. They bend one leg and use their arms to pull their knee across their body and towards their opposite shoulder. Students continue pulling until they feel a stretch in their bottoms. Students hold the stretch for 15 seconds then swap to use the other leg.

bottoms up

The Snake

Students lay on the floor using their forearms for support. Their stomach should be on the floor as well. Students start straightening their elbows and lift their torso slowly, extending their backs. Students then straighten their elbows as much as they can. The students should aim to lift their stomach completely off the ground. Hold this position for 15 seconds then relax. Repeat three times for best results.