Icebreaker activities are used to welcome and warm up the conversation among students in a new class, meeting or new situation. Any event that requires students to comfortably interact with each other and a teacher is an opportunity to use an icebreaker to help students feel more comfortable. An effective icebreaker will warm up the conversation in your class or meeting, reinforce the topic of the session, and ensure that students enjoy their interaction and the session. When participants don’t know each other, the icebreaker will help them introduce themselves to the other students.


How Much Do You Use?

Equipment: Rolls of toilet paper

Description: Students are to sit down in a circle inside or outside. Pass around a roll of toilet paper. One at a time the students are to tear off the amount of toilet paper they would normally use. Next go around the group and each person is required to say one thing about himself or herself, for each square of toilet paper they ripped off. Make sure you don’t tell them this until everyone has taken their quantity of toilet paper.

Speed Rabbit

Equipment: None

Description: Class stands in a circle facing inwards. In this game there are three different animals – rabbit, elephant and cow. A person will stand in the middle of the circle and point to someone and call out an animal. The person who has been picked will then become the middle of the animal trying to be created, while the people either side will complete the animal whole. This must be done before the person in the middle counts to ten. If the task is unsuccessful the person who has been picked then goes into the middle.


Equipment: One soft bat or stick

Description: The class starts this activity by sitting in a circle with their feet facing in. A person is chosen for the middle and holds the soft stick or bat. The person in the middle must call out someone’s name and the person that has been called out must say another person’s name before they get whacked on the feet with the soft bat. If they get hit on the feet before they call out a name, then they go into the middle.

Mirror Image

Equipment: None

Description: Class starts with pairs facing each other. One at a time a person will start moving and the partner will mirror/copy what their partner is doing. After a minute or so swap over. Challenge the pairs to see who is the best mirror and keeping up with the moving person. Also challenge the pairs to see who can come up with the best movements. You can choose the students who would like to perform in front of the class.

Tin Foot Pass

Equipment: Little rubbish bin or a cardboard box

Description: Class sits in a circle with their shoes off and their feet in the middle. The class leader will then give one person a basket that they must hold with their feet only. The aim is to get the basket all the way around the circle without it touching the ground, only using your feet to support the basket.