Here is the list of my top team building activities, part two. Team-building activities give students a chance to learn personal information about each other. Students are then able to establish a certain amount of rapport and are more tolerant of each other. This creates a situation in which students are willing to work through situations in a more amicable way.

When students come together in team-building activities, it results in more ideas from everyone involved. There is more participation. An organisation can improve certain processes and procedures when everyone cares about and is a part of the outcome.

Fox, chicken and grain

Equipment: None

Description: Students are given the following problem, which they need to work towards a solution. This can be played inside or outside. A fox, a chicken and a sack of grain all need to get across the river in a small boat. The problem is, they cannot all cross together as the fox will eat the chicken if put together, and the chicken will eat the grain if put together. Get the class to work together, or split them into small groups. Give them time to talk and work out their plan before they actually try and cross the river. This game is very good for teamwork and problem solving.

Warp Speed

Equipment: One small soft object

Description: The class starts in a circle facing inwards. The class then passes the small soft toy across and around the circle to each person and then back to the person who started. The class needs to remember the order in which the toy was passed. The group follows some rules before attempting the next timed task. The toy must follow the same original order without touching the ground or touching more than one set of hands at a time. The group is given a minute to figure out the quickest way then timed.

Magic Shoes

Equipment: You will require a rope, cones and a stopwatch.

Description: Use the cones or rope to split the class into two even teams, which will also mark out the nuclear river you are trying to cross. The aim is for the group to get from one side of the river to the other without anyone falling in the river. The catch is you have a secret pair of magic boots. Only one person can wear the boots at one time and you can only wear them going one way across the river. If someone falls into the river then the activity finishes and you start again. During this activity it is a great idea to get a few group members to make a note of just how well the group is working as a team and how they are communicating.

Nuclear Fence

Equipment: One rope

Description: The class starts off by forming one long line and then holding the hands of the people next to them. After this is done the group then must attempt to clear a rope (nuclear fence), which is approximately waist high, without touching it or breaking the link of hands with the people next to you. If the link of hands is broken or the nuclear fence is touched the class must start again.

3-D Minefield

Equipment: Blindfolds

Description: In a space that is ruled out by a rope, place different obstacles, beach balls, hoops, tennis balls, and chickens. To represent the minefield one person is blindfolded and the other moves to the side and has to talk to the partner through the ‘minefield’. No physical assistance is allowed, only verbal. If a blindfolded person touches an obstacle then they have to return to the start. After completion the pair swaps jobs (and a mix-up of the minefield is advised.) Variations you can introduce to make the activity more challenging: Ask two people to go through holding hands. Have things hanging and on the ground. See how few steps can be taken. The shortest time to start and finish can become the winner.