Today you are in for a treat! One of my top selling apps is half price, that’s right half price. The ‘PE Shake’ consists of over 100 fun and easy to use warm up games. These games are perfect to use in PE classes or bootcamp sessions.

The best part of the app is that you simply shake your device and a new game appears. All the activities require minimal equipment and are a lot of fun.

If you are constantly using the same games over and over in your sessions then you will be losing clients and if you’re a teacher, it’s only a matter of time before your students become disengaged.

Grab this app while it is half price and never be stuck for warm up activities again!

Click here to grab the app today – The PE Shake

I also have a competition running, yes that’s right, not only do you have the chance to buy The PE Shake for half price today, but you also have the chance to go into a draw to get my latest 4 ‘fitness game’ eBooks valued at over $120 US.

To enter all you simply need to do is buy the discounted app, then go onto the app store and leave a review for The PE Shake app (a 5 star review would be lovely, hopefully). Then simply take a screen shot of this and email to me at Once I have received this, I will put your name into the draw for your chance to win the following fitness eBooks:

Team Based Fitness Games

Extreme Fitness Games 

Fitness Board Games 

Individual Fitness Games

Good luck, entries finish this Friday the 16th of September. Have a great Monday.

Cheers, Dale