This list of apps I have reviewed below are quite unique. Some of them will be household names for most teachers but there might be a few surprises as well. With recording of videos as evidence of learning and also to assist with teaching you will definitely find some value in reading about the following twelve apps. Hopefully you will find these apps as useful as I have in my professional development and also the quality of lessons I am trying to create on a daily basis.


Goodreads can be purchased for $4.99 and acts as a PDF reader for the iPad.  However, it also has the view any type of file whether it is audio, text, or video.  It features a file management with FTP server makes it extremely easy to find what you are looking for.  Teachers will like that it is one app that can actually do the jobs of many and saves time.

Goodreads App


Kindle is a free app that works to simplify reading in the classroom.  Students and teachers will be able to access millions of books in the Kindle store as well as hundreds of magazines and newspapers.  You can also read PDF files and textbooks.  Teachers will like that this eliminates the need for ordering hundreds of paperback books, magazines, and newspapers to ensure enough are available for class reading projects.  It also gets rid of the need to keep lengthy lists of who has what book, which is usually time consuming and confusing.  Students and parents will like that it is easy to carry around and is not nearly as easy to lose as a traditional book.

Kindle App


iBook is a free app that also makes the process of reading in the classroom more simple. Students and teachers have access to millions of books, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, and more.  This eliminates the need to carry and keep up with heavy textbooks.  It also gives you the ability to highlight important passages, write notes to yourself, and create study cards to be used later.  Teachers will also like the fact that it gives them the opportunity to create interactive lessons tailored to your each class.

iBook App


iMovie can be purchased for $4.99 and gives classrooms access to movies as well as the ability to make their own movies.  Teachers can use it to play clips for the classroom that are pertinent to the information being covered.  It also allows students to review clips outside of the classroom.  Teachers will find that it, additionally, provides the opportunity for students to film themselves and import clips.  This is a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge in a more interesting format than the traditional poster presentations or presenting a script they wrote in class.

iMovie App


TED is a free app that gives teachers the chance to gather information for subjects they are teaching as well as show videos of talks that have been created by experts in their field.  Teachers will have access to a wide variety of entertaining presentations that are perfect for showing students to start a stimulating classroom discussion. TED is also a superb professional development tool for teachers, with thousands of experts posting videos and live presentations on every topic you could imagine about education and learning. TED will inspire your students and also teachings with the amazing free content it provides.


Composer Pro

Composer Pro can be purchased for $9.99, but it is extremely useful in the classroom. It is an app that gives students the ability to create their own high quality interactive eBooks. Images, sounds, movies, text, and visual effects give the student the opportunity to be very creative. The app is very easy to use even for students that have never used anything like it in the past. The eBooks can be shared through email and dropbox. Teachers will appreciate how easy it is to use this app and the fact that there is no coding required like most apps designed to create eBooks. Composer Pro can be also used for students to make a portfolio of the work they have completed. Students can add text, sounds and images from all different classes they have attended during the year, to produce one large portfolio eBook, which they can share with family and friends. These portfolios can be great for parent evening chats and also report writing time, as it is actual evidence of learning that has taken place.

Composer Pro App

Screen Chomp

Screen Chomp is a free app and is a digital whiteboard that can be used by teachers and students to write and draw (in 12 different colours) on using their fingertips.  It also can be used to record voiceover lectures or actual presentations in the classroom. Teachers will appreciate that this app allows students who have been absent to view what they missed in the classroom.  For example, a math teacher can record him or herself working out problems on the whiteboard while explaining the procedure in the voiceover.  It also allows students that are experiencing difficulty comprehending a concept to review previous lectures.

Screen Chomp App


Animoto is a free app that allows you to create entertaining and upbeat videos with the simple click of a button.  You can choose what songs, images, and video clips.  Animoto, then, creates a unique video for you.  Teachers will find that this is an entertaining way to make a boring subject slightly more interesting to keep students focused.  It is also an alternative way to allow students to present material in class. Animtoto can also be used to make a slide show of a day excursion or school camp. Within minutes you will have a short clip that you can email or send to parents so they can see what their child has been up to for the day. Animoto is a powerful way to stay connected to parents and also share and reflection on the amazing moments you have with their children during school hours.

Animoto App


Videolicious is a free app that is similar to Animoto.  It allows you to create short videos by mixing images, music, video clips, and audio recordings together.  Teachers will find that it is an interesting way to introduce new topics to the classroom.  Students will find that the videos are much more interesting than having their teacher stand up in class and talk.

Videolicious App


YouTube is a free app that has an extensive collection of videos on every subject imaginable.  Teachers will find that it is ideal for finding videos on the spur of the moment.  Also, it is great for teachers that are not as technically savvy as it is very easy to navigate and has millions of educational clips to improve teaching and learning. If you need to find information on anything YouTube will be your answer.

Youtube App

VideoHunter Pro

Video Hunter Pro is an app that can be purchased for $2.99 that allows you to download videos from any site and save them to be viewed later.  Teachers will find that this is very useful because it does not require you to be online to view a video once it has been downloaded.  This is great for teachers in classrooms that have limited internet access or a teaching away from their usual setting. Video Hunter Pro is also a great way to collect a data base of amazing teaching and learning videos that you will have for ever. There are plenty of other apps on the market that provide the same service as Video Hunter, we have just found this app to be extremely reliable when exporting clips.

VideoHunter Pro App

Book Creator

eBook Creator costs $3.99 and is an app that allows students and teachers to create digital content in a variety of ways.  It can be used in the classroom for such activities as having student write their own eBook on subject matter being taught in class.  Teachers will also find that it is a cute way to make a collaborative book for the classroom, perhaps as an end of the year gift for students and parents.  It enables you to add video clips, text, images, and audio.

Book Creator App