After years of going to the gym, training outdoors and designing programs for clients, I thought wouldn’t it be great to make an app that decides your workout for you.

WOD is “Workout of the Day” and this app has over 200 different workouts that will appear on a random setting when you SHAKE your device. The WOD range from intermediate with all bodyweight movements, right through to a complete list of the hero WOD used in Cross Fit.

The WOD Shake is the perfect gym buddy for people who want a quick hard work out. It is also a fun app to use with students if you are a teacher. You can modify each WOD by reducing the number of reps, the weight or the intensity to suit all abilities.

The SHAKE function is extremely fun and will entertain users of all age groups. This is a great app to add to your iPad or iPhone.

WOD Shake 1