PUBG Global Series 2: Hits Riyadh $2M Up for Grabs!

PUBG Global Series 2: Hits Riyadh $2M Up for Grabs!

Hey gamers! Get ready for some epic action as PUBG Global Series 2 is heading to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! The game developers, KRAFTON, are bringing together 24 top-notch teams from around the world to compete for a whopping US$2 million prize pool. Let’s dive into the details of this gaming extravaganza.

PUBG Global Series 2: When and Where?

The tournament kicks off on August 10 and goes on until August 20, 2023, in the vibrant city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

PUBG Global Series 2: Who’s in the Arena?

Twenty-four teams are in the spotlight, including eight Global Partner Teams and 16 teams that aced their way through regional qualifying matches. These squads are hungry for victory and a slice of that massive prize money!

PUBG Global Series 2: The Prize Hunt

Teams aren’t just playing for cash; they’re also gunning for those valuable PGS Points. Why? Because these points are like golden tickets to the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2023 happening later this year.

Asia-Pacific Powerhouses

Six teams from the Asia-Pacific region are set to dazzle in the main event. Keep an eye out for four Thai teams – Daytrade Gaming, THEERATHON FIVE, Forest Gaming, and eArena. Joining them are two Vietnamese squads, CERBERUS Esports, and The Expendables.

Game On: The Format

The action kicks off with the Group Stage from August 10 to 13. Teams are split into three groups, each battling it out in six matches daily. The top 16 teams move on to the Winners Bracket, while the rest go to the Losers Bracket.

The Road to Glory

From August 13 to 14, the Winners Bracket sees six matches per day. The top eight teams secure a direct ticket to the Grand Finals. The remaining teams fight it out in the Losers Bracket on August 15 and 16. Only the top eight from here make it to the Grand Finals, while the others say goodbye.

Grand Finals Showdown

The climax happens from August 18 to 20, spanning 18 matches. The team with the highest overall ranking at the end claims the prestigious title of PUBG Global Series 2 champion.

Win Big or Go Home

The champion team bags a cool US$600,000, with the rest of the prize pool divvied up based on final standings. But it’s not just about the money – those PGS Points are the real game-changer!

PGS Points: The Golden Ticket

Just like in PUBG Global Series 1, the top 16 teams snag PGS Points based on their rankings. The four teams with the most combined points from both PGS 1 and PGS 2 earn a ticket to the PUBG Global Championship 2023 – the ultimate battleground.

Get ready for an epic showdown in Riyadh – PUBG Global Series 2 is about to redefine gaming history! Don’t miss the action and may the best VTBET squad win!