A Yummy Twist: Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream Bombe

Christmas Pudding. You’ll want a big bowl, a pudding basin, or a jelly mould for this. Line it up with clingfilm, leaving some extra hanging over the edges for later.

Reworking Leftovers

Got leftover Christmas pudding? Awesome! Smash it into tiny bits. If you’re short on pudding, throw in some chopped-up mince pies, fruitcake, or even some soaked dried fruit. No strict rules—use what you’ve got!

The Ice-Cream Game

If you’re not feeling making ice-cream from scratch, grab a liter of the ready-made stuff. Soften it up a bit and move on to the next step. Otherwise, we’re diving into a mix of condensed milk, a splash of booze if you like (it’s for texture, not the taste), and a pinch of salt.

DIY Ice-Cream Adventure

Mix things up! Toss in some mixed spice if that’s your jam, or go wild with vanilla extract. Experiment with almond or orange extracts if you’re feeling fancy. Taste as you go—it’s all about your flavor vibes.

Creamy Bliss

Whip up that double cream until it’s all fluffy and peaks start forming. Then, gently fold in that condensed milk mix. Taste again and adjust—it’s got to be a bit strong since freezing tones down the flavors.

Final Ice-Cream Touches

Fold in those crumbled-up bits of Christmas pudding into your creamy mix. Pop it all into your prepared bowl and wrap it up snug with the clingfilm. Freeze it solid for about 6-8 hours or even days ahead if you’re planning ahead.

Chocolate Magic

Before serving, melt some dark or milk chocolate. You can either do this over a bowl of simmering water or zap it in the microwave. Once it’s all silky smooth, we’re ready for the next step.

Unmoulding and Chocolate Coating

Get that ice-cream out of the freezer and unwrap it carefully. Flip it onto a serving plate. Pour that luscious melted chocolate all over the top, making sure it covers every inch. Pop it back in the freezer for 10 minutes until it sets.

The White Chocolate Swirl

While that’s chilling, melt some white chocolate. Once the dark chocolate is set, pour the melted white chocolate on top, letting it drip down the sides. Another quick freeze for about 5 minutes, and you’ve got a solid white chocolate layer. If you’ve got some festive decorations, stick ’em on top and get ready to serve up a treat!

This Christmas Pudding Ice-Cream Bombe turns those heavy leftovers into a delightful New Year’s Eve treat. It’s all about mixing, freezing, and a bit of chocolatey magic!